Meteo L drago LW105LF

I've added in BladeStorm's face description(Thanks BladeStorm, I just wanted some confirmation from another member as well)

Removed the "untested" part.

I elaborated slightly in the LF section. It's pretty much a more aggressive flat, so I added that it has the same weaknesses of inability to retain a flower-like pattern.

EDIT: Has a general consensus formed yet on a synonym for "pain split"? Or will somebody write an article on it?
I know I'm being fussy, but the L drago thing hasn't been changed in the Meteo: Use in Customization paragraph.
And wouldn't it be easier to read if it was:

Use in Smash Attack customisation:
Meteo and L Drago II have found usages as a smash attacker in the combos Meteo L Drago 85/90/100 RF/R2F.
Use in Spin Stealing customisation:
The combo Meteo L Drago 100CS has Spin Stealing/Equalising capabilities using the L Drago II Clear Wheel.
Ah thanks. Hmm the thing is, that both meteo L drago combos are mixtures of both smash attack and spin stealing.
a very nice and well written draft! the best one so far!

here are my suggestions

Quote: Drago II may be placed on Gravity, however this is not an intended use, nor is it effective in any known combination.
i know there isnt much, but you need to elaborate on this more. do you have a citation for this? also, say if L Drago II is compatabile with Lightning. Also say if these strange combinations still posses mode change/spin change, and then if possible, explain the uses of these customizations (if any at all)

Now for the Clear Wheel section, change "L Drago II" to " L Drago (II)" as the II shows that it is different from the original Ldrago wheel, but that the "II" is not present in the name, "Meteo L Drago LW105 LF"

Quote:L Drago II akin to L Drago, is exclusively left spin and also has the mode change function. These modes are Assault mode (in which the heads of L Drago II cover the gold jaws of Meteo) and Barrage mode(in which the heads of L Drago II cover the silver jaws of Meteo). Currently, there has been no noticeable difference in performance between Assault mode and Barrage mode.
here you must elaborate on the modes so much more. Rather than give brief descriptions of each mode in a run on sentence, seperate them. 1st, say there are 3 modes, and then name them. Then for each mode, create a sub paragraph for that specifc mode describing it physicaly and its current uses in the game.

The Meteo section could use a little more juice.

That is really it. No spelling or grammer errors from what i can see. I undertand that this bey has had little testing done to it, so i also understand that this information is relatively hard to elaborate on. And yet somehow, you made it work anyway.

Bravo to you Momiji! =D
hah, does it really need to be put in brackets? If I'm talking about it seperately, it's the actual name of the part, so I think it's fine.

I already pointed out that Meteo and L drago II are intended to be and only compatible with each other, except it somehow managed to fit on the gravity wheel, the exception. I also pointed out it has no use anyway.

Since Meteo is only compatible with L drago II, I'm not sure there is much else to say, except more description, which is unnecessary.

Both modes have been found to be equal to one another, and negligible in their effect so far.

If there has been a change in this, then I will correct it.

wait, i though L Drago II had 3 modes?

personally, i still think II shoukd be in brackets or parenthesis, but meh. The rest of your explinations are still good.

I still strongly recomend to find something to add to the Meteo section. It is too brief. Although there is not much to say about it
edit: probobly b/c you said all your information about the clear and metal wheel in the L Drago II section, which is fine i guess, since they go together.

Its to bad there isnt alot of testing on this yet. If there was this article you wrote would prbobly be up on beywiki already!

i have alot of respect for you and this draft. agian, bravo!
Thanks. As a sidenote, has anybody obtained the L drago reshuffle set and willing to do tests? Hah.
Maybe you should also put what would happen when Meteo L Drago is used against another left spin Beyblade. Or has it not been tested?
Hmm that's a good point.

Basically against a left spin bey, there's significant damage done to the rubber of the clear wheel.

Is there anything else I should point out about Meteo against left spin beys?
no looks good...maybe say something about LW105 and LF in right spin?
I doubt LW105 has any noticeable effect either way, but I'm not sure anyone has found any difference in left or right spin for LF. Unless I just assume it's the same as R2F?
i wouldnt, only because R2F can be used in L spin with the same effect as in R spin, so i dought LF in r spin = R2F in r spin
my previous recomendations still stand-when effective testing is done, add more about the beys 2 modes, and the metal wheel section needs more as well. (agian, only when more testing is done)
SO FAR THAT"S AWESOME!!!!!! i love the detail in it and i have a feeling that my video may have played a minor part to the suggested combo. Do u actually own the blade? (can u weight it)
I do own it, I just don't have the proper equipment to weigh things with.

I tested that combo before asking you to haha.
Since littlechipz has been bumping his thread, I thought I may as well do a "bump" of sorts.

I would like any advice on what doesn't meet Beywiki standards, and if this is/how it is inferior in anyway to any other articles on Meteo L drago.
I really don't think you need to have paragraphs within the different sections, unless stated otherwise by a Mod, perhaps you should have a look at a few published articles for Ideas on formatting and grammar?

EDIT: blah Same here, but au prefer not to make it stand out too much though, I'd prefer to gollow standard beywiki content...
A whole chunk of text looks pretty bad IMO, paragraphing makes it so much easier to read. (:
paragraphing serves to make things simpler to read, and seperate points.
Indeed, sorry for any inconvenience Uncertain

Anyways, I haven't read it in a while, i'm not usre if this has been fixed, but perhaps we could replace Pain Split with energy transfer? Just a thought :L
Quote:L Drago II may be placed on Gravity, however this is not an intended use, nor is it effective in any known combination.

i have tested the LDrago (II) clear wheel with the gravity metal wheel and it didnt work but i have tried perseus clear wheel with the meteo metal wheel and that worked. Did you mean the Perseus clear wheel with the meteo wheel? If not it may just be your grvity wheel and LDrago (II) clear wheel
Hmm, through my experience it is vice versa with both options Uncertain
oh ok my Ldrago (II) wheel doesnt work with the gravity wheel though they are the korean versions so mabye there are diffrences between them?
Last that I have seen, the Sonokong starters are just as official, and there is very minimal difference between the beyblades TT and Sonokong produce.
um i dont really know if this is important but i believe barrage mode hits the opposing bey multiply and the other mod only hits like a regualre metal wheel, i could be wrong, but like i said not really important, anybody correct me if i am wrong
i seriously doubt you are correct, Brooklyn-Z.if Assult was just normal, and Barrage was like MutiHit, there wouldnt really be a point to mode change. You might as well just have Barrage this way.