Meteo L-Drago LW105LF Draft (my first draft)

Hey guys ive seen many people give attempts at this and i decided to give it a go. its my first draft and i am open to all criticism and advice to help me improve. Thanks!

Face: L-Drago
: 1.07 grams
The face depicts a dragon, Draco, one of the 88 constellations in space.
It features a further stylized version of the first L-Drago face; the "Drago" text present on the prior L-Drago face is removed and replaced with the arm of a dragon.

Clear wheel: L-Drago II
6.03 grams
The clear wheel, like L-Drago, features three dragon heads. Unlike L-Drago, L-Drago II contains rubber, mostly covering the circumference of the clear wheel, and partially covering the top. Also contrasting to the first L-Drago clear wheel, L-Drago II has "tribal" patterns upon the dragon heads, and between the gaps in which the prongs for the launcher are placed.

The use of rubber allows for the increased ability for L-Drago II to "pain split" with an opposing right spin beyblade. However, this increase in “Spin equalizing” capabilities has lowered L-Drago II's smash attack.

Like other beyblades such as Lightning L-Drago 100HF and Gravity Perseus AD145WD, Meteo and L-Drago II are only compatible with one another.
The Perseus clear wheel may be placed on Meteo, however this is not an intended use, nor is it effective in any known combination.

L-Drago II akin to L-Drago, is exclusively left spin and also has the mode change function. These modes are Assault mode (in which the heads of L-Drago II cover the gold claws of Meteo) and Barrage mode (in which the heads of L-Drago II cover the silver jaws of Meteo). Currently, there has been no noticeable difference in performance between Assault mode and Barrage mode.

Metal wheel: Meteo
28.31 grams
Meteo features six protrusions of an alternating pattern between silver jaws and gold claws. The silver jaw is smoother, as opposed to the rugged appearance of the gold claw.
L-Drago II is able to be placed on Gravity; however this is an unintended use.
Use in customization:
Meteo and L Drago II have found usages as both a smash attacker, and spin equalizer. These combos currently include Meteo L Drago 85/90/100 RF/R2F, MF Meteo L-Drago CH120XF and MF Meteo L Drago 100CS.

Track: LW105 (Left Wing)
1.50 grams
LW105 has 3 wings protruding from its circumference. These are facing diagonally downwards in the left spin direction. This feature is intended to create down force in the left direction, in order to stabilize the beyblade in which it is being used. However, this effect remains negligible, and LW105 has found no competitive usage.

Bottom: LF (Left Flat)
0.71 grams
LF is a mirrored version of R2F, however is made completely of plastic. Due to the nature of rubber bottoms, R2F is tall relative to plastic bottoms, and consequently, so is LF.

LF appears to be a flat bottom with 6 equal protrusions facing the anti clockwise direction (when viewed on an upright beyblade).

LF gives an aggressive movement pattern akin to other flat bottoms, however due to its jagged form, is more aggressive than other flat bottoms made of plastic. Like all other flat plastic bottoms, it fails to fully retain a flower-like pattern when used with sliding shoot, or banking. As a result it has found recreational use for players who wish to have a more controllable bottom than RF/R2F with increased stamina.

Other Versions:
>BB-98 Ultimate Reshuffle set L-Drago version: Contains a red, and a blue recolor of Meteo. Contains two unique L Drago II clear wheels named Assault version and Rush version, and a blue, white and purple recolor of the original L-Drago II clear wheel, Absorb version.

>Coro Coro special release: Black Flare Version

This bey is unique in its spin equalizing ability, being the first that contains rubber in the clear wheel. While LW105 is negligible, LF has recreational uses and Meteo L-Drago has found uses in Smash attack and spin equalizing. Bladers who already have the staple parts in MFB should own one of this Beyblade.
In ATK Combos you have to add: MF MLD CH120XF.

Other than that. very nice.
Done. Thank you for the feedback!
The combo beybladestation has said must be added and all of the attack combos look cool and wicked
(Jul. 07, 2011  8:00 PM)EarthEagle1997 Wrote: The combo beybladestation has said must be added and all of the attack combos look cool and wicked

i added it already. Thanks! i really hope this gets added to the Wiki
I hope it will to you have done an excellent job
Didn't you just copy momiji manju's draft?
not completely i used parts of his and parts of one other i found(forgot the author) and added thing they didnt have like the gold protrusions on the meteo wheel are claws and not jaws.