Metal Wing Smash Set Draft

*BB-47A Earth Eagle 145WD (Grey highlights on Clear Wheel, clear Track)
*B-106 Dark Libra ED145SD (White Clear Wheel, black Track, blue Bottom)
*Two Ripcord Launchers

This Set was re-released by Hasbro in the Metal Masters line with printed Facebolts.

Although this Set includes two top-tier Bottoms, it is not recommended for purchase. Earth was once a useful Stamina and Defense Metal Wheel, but it is now outclassed by 4D Metal Wheels and Synchrom combinations. The other Metal Wheel included in this Set, Dark, is considered horrible from every facet. ED145 can be used in some Spin Stealing combos with Meteo L Drago, but the Track CH120 is preferred for this purpose. Furthermore, 145 is outclassed by Tracks like AD145 and W145 for Stamina types. Also, both WD and SD are top-tier Stamina Bottoms but WD can be simply be found in other more useful purchases such as Flash Sagittario 230WD or Basalt Horogium 145WD (Twisted Tempo 145WD), while WD can be substituted for SD. Thus, this Set should only be purchased for collection purposes.

Any errors?
Nice draft! Only found two mistakes above! This might be unnessecary, but I saw this in a few other articles... You don't have to change it.