Metal Series Meta?

After getting back into bayblades for the Burst generation I just recently bought a ton of second hand metal fight beys and I was wondering if you knew of any good posts that explain what it is you should be doing for each of the 4 generic types of beys; attack, defense, stamina, balance.

Things like, on attack you want a low profile bey for X reasons, and a tip that does X and metal disc that is shaped like X with a layer that is X. So on and so forth for each of the 4.

I find it really interesting that so much physics and theory crafting go into the combination of a bey.

Also I'm sure that any posts that talk about broken OP combinations would work as well and I could reverse engineer why it may be the case.
Go read the Winning Combinations thread.
Also, meta differs slightly according to region.
Good MFB combos are here:

Defense Beyblades should be heavy, have a smooth metal wheel, and have a tip with a good grip.
As an expansion to this idea, these two threads discuss the physics angle in more depth - and they're both from the MFB era. Glad you're interested in this angle, Beastlylol. Can be difficult to know what to search for sometimes.