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25. Win! The Right to Challenge
Kachitore! chōsenken
Air-Date: 2012-09-23

Quite surprised no one talked anything about this.
Preview from Tokyo TV:

Zero vs Kite? o-o

Quite obvious whoever wins battles Kira in a Synchrom?
My dreams of the 4-way Synchrom Battle could still stand...providing this ends in a draw >.<
Tokyo TV wasn't on keyhole today, but some other channel led me to beyblade o-o

Nonaccurate summary:
Madoka and Tsubasa review Bandid Goreim and Berserker Begirados, as both of them are not made by the WBBA and they can use Synchrom as well. Zero is out training, (Missed alot because of some lag) Shinobu was injured due to the previous incident with Kira. Unabaras show up and Kite is upset that Zero had defeated Goreim before them. They go about discussing about the Synchrom Goreim Begirados, where it contained the strongest defense and stamina. Kite is mad and he wants to battle them and not Zero. Benkei decides that Zero and Kite will have a synchrom battle, Orojya Revizer vs Saramanda Ifraid.

Zero and Kite start the battle. They land attacks on each other, but this time Kite is more prepared against Saramanda Ifraid. SI starts to sway the stadium and OR moves to the center of the stadium and the stadium stops moving due to OR's weight. (Lag during the show...) OR starts to draw in SI. SI starts to sway the stadium again, being unaffected by OR. The suction from OR is taken away and SI starts running around the stadium again. However, it is following the movement of SI. Zero uses his special move and crushes OR into the stadium wall and is defeated. Zero wins and he'll battle Goreim Begirados.

Back at the HQ, the main screen is infiltrated by Kira ... (Didn't catch the last part)
Zero just trains among rocks, then Kite appears with Eight. Kite fights Zero, where the latter has to solve the dilemma of choosing who to do Synchrom with, since Shinobu's arm is broken, but he uses Saramanda Ifraid anyway. Kite creates a huge tornado even though his Beyblade is a water type, then it all suddenly stops because Zero used the wind all to himself to circle around the stadium faster. Oroja Revizer has no more stamina left.

Kira then hijacks the WBBA's security and television.
(Sep. 23, 2012  12:43 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Kira then hijacks the WBBA's security and television.

I expected no less of this cool character XD