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5. Showdown! Revenge Match
Taiketsu! Ribenji Macchi
Air date: 2012-05-06

So this Episode will be Shinobu vs Zero.Awesome can't wait.
outcome of this match zero wins, most likely, 99.99% change of this happening.
The episode clearly states revenge match so there is no point on even watching Zero is going to win but for me I will watch no matter what.
So what if it states "Revenge Match"? Plenty of Revenge Matches have gone wrong in the past.

I'm just curious as to why Shinobu will only battle Zero if he reaches the end of that tournament Confused

And, Blader Gai appears in this episode Joyful_2
Mana:-I agree the match can go wrong like Zero could be beaten and then he might realised to defeat shinobu he must train more and more and more.

Question who's blader Gai I mean I never heard him/her.
(Apr. 29, 2012  1:37 PM)beybladetiggy Wrote: Question who's blader Gai I mean I never heard him/her.

You really need to read my posts more often ... Everyone knows who Blader GAI is.
Blader Gai is practically the new Blader DJ, only he's stylised in a white outfit.
Well you never mentioned them in the official Zero-G thread not in Beyblade General but here in beyblade anime and manga.
(Apr. 29, 2012  4:43 PM)beybladetiggy Wrote: Well you never mentioned them in the official Zero-G thread not in Beyblade General but here in beyblade anime and manga.

Blader GAI is a real person and he was not necessarily going to appear in the anime.

Furthermore, it should just be part of your instincts to use our very functional Search feature to look for something that comes up that you do not understand : "Uh??? "Blader Gai"??? Search -> answer!" ...
Oh sorry kai-V I was just too lazy and am always impatient discovering new things.
I am pretty sure Zero will win......or will it be like how Tyson Granger lost to Ozuma in the park? It will be quite a match!
This is the summary :

Something about a 1D tournament ?
Hmm, lemme think...

"In order to learn about Zero's battle strength, Tsubasa plots to experience the new Era of the Bey. In order to proceed, they decide to hold a new stage; the 1D Tournament."

I've never felt so unsure about a translation in my life o.O
Ibuki is definitely "Breath", so that's slightly confusing, so I ignored it.

The translation is rough. Please note, Saigo can probably offer a far better translation.
this is going to be a great episode, so excited!!!
Yeah but will probably have a suspense I hate when that happen
Of course it's gonna have a suspense; it's a two-part episode...
That's what am trying to say just end the episode with may be zero calling out his special move and then theme music not like shinobu and zero shouting to each other hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!So stupid lol
10 minutes remaining until the episode is aired !!!!Counting down
What happens in this episode : Zero goes to where Shinobu is beating everybody, and he wants to fight him but the other walks away, laughing at him. Benkei's shop then sponsors a 1-Day Tournament (not 1D, as we had translated), and Zero and Shinobu obviously reach the finals.

The only fun part was when the unabara bros appeared.God I love little boys no homo
That episode really-really-really sucked.

I don't understand why they had to add a tournament that sounds kind of cool and waste it as a extremely small filler for Zero and Shinobu to battle. I also don't get why they decided to call this episode a "Revenge Match" when Zero and Shinobu didn't even battle each other, it's all just so confusing @_@
Also, Blader GAI is just extremely disappointing, he looks ridiculous.

Not as ridiculous as he is in real life though ...
Blader Gai sucked. He reminds me too much of the American DJ Speechless

Bring back the old Blader DJ! >.<