Mentors' Circle Brief

With the recent transition to the mentors' circle I figured it was time we looked at this forum as a whole and what we want its goals to be. If we have a set list of goals it will be much easier to keep this forum active, but first and foremost we should look at who all will truly be involved in helping us accomplish these goals. In addition to helping us know whose opinions we may be waiting on this list of active mentors will give new members a list of people to turn to when they have more difficult questions or ideas that they possibly do not want discussed openly yet (ex: combo ideas, tournament advice)

Active Mentors:
Angry Face

To prove you are active, all you need do is post in this thread...

Goals,Responsibilities, and Time Frames:

Tier Lists:

1 Limited Tier List, Every 6 months
2 Standard Tier List, Every 6 months
3 Zero-G Tier List, Every 6 months
4 Plastics Tier List Examination, Every Year
5 HMS Tier List Examination, Every Year

What to buy to be competitive in...

6 What to buy for Limited, Every Year (pending no major discoveries)
7 What to buy for Standard, Every Year (pending no major discoveries)
8 What to buy for Zero-G, Every Year (pending no major discoveries)
9 What to buy for Plastics, Every Year (pending no major discoveries)
10 What to buy for HMS, Every Year (pending no major discoveries)

Ban Lists:

11 Plastics Ban List, Yearly, (does it really still even need one?)
12 Limited Ban List, Bi-Monthly (minimum)
13 Standard Ban List, Pending Need
14 Zero-G Ban List, Pending Need
15 HMS Ban List, Pending Need

16 Discussion on Possible Rule Changes

Examples: Stadium Legality, Stalling Clause Length, etc.

17 Concept Discussion

Past examples: destabilizers, stallers

18 An Active Benchmark List for Each Format (see Ingulit's testing vectors thread)

19 Metagame Analyses (I would like one of these for each format, but could see these remaining in public discussion, what do you guys think?

20 Metagame Comparison Between Regions

Well that's 20 things that I honestly came up with fairly easily so we should have plenty to talk about.

If you disagree with any of this, feel free to object
This is a nice little summary. The list of active Advanced Members is nice.

I personally thought the Limited Metagame Analysis you did was super-interesting, so it would be great to see a comprehensive one for other formats as well (specifically, Zero-G and Standard for starters).
I would happily do them the only problem is people haven't been quite as willing to post data for us to use in them. Like, in the time since limiteds introduction there have been more winning combos from it posted than zero g and standard combined since zero-g's introduction
Yeah, that's our fault for not enforcing the rule more strictly. Hosts were supposed to provide winning combos for every tournament ... I don't know if people didn't know about it, thought it was optional, or they just blatantly decided to go against what had been put into effect. There's no excuse with it added to the rulebooks now, though.

If hosts do not submit winning combos with their results, fees and everything else, there will be consequences (for the host, or for the player if they are choosing to withhold their list).
The Metagame analysis threads are interesting, but I agree that the Winning Combinations needs to be enforced more in order to maintain statistical accuracy. I think that they need to be in the public forums, as there's no real reason I can see in stopping non-advanced members from contributing.

Regarding #16, I think that there is this stadium that needs to get looked at. For the most part, it seems to be functionally similar to the BB-10, and deserves consideration. I see it as being the slightest bit more unfriendly towards Attack (with the exception of things with Upper Smash in addition to regular smash, which will have a field day with the shorter walls), but otherwise pretty close to the BB-10 performance-wise. Thoughts?
Hmmmm, each of these things probably deserve their own thread since the main point of this thread would just be to discuss what the advanced forum needs to do, but I'll have a stadium legalization thread whipped up in a few minutes.

I'll add this to the OP as I go, but we should really have a lot more threads stickied in this forum, namely:
Competitive Zero-G Combos [List not final]
Official Limited Ban List Discussion

and any other threads as they are made that aim to help us accomplish one of the goals in the OP
I'm happy to help with any plastics stuff.
I'm too out of the loop on current MFB to be much help.
So, this should probably be updated with the transition to the Mentors' Circle
Updated, let's see if this crop of mentors can't actually accomplish all of it.
Aha! I can finally post in this thread! Glad to announce I'm active and soon ready to help out.
I think I'll be able to help out with competitive Burst stuff since London will be quite active with Burst tournaments it seems.
I not in the OP but I'm active and I look forward to being a mentor.
Yay, I can post here as well now! Smile
I'll try to do my best answering questions about the old gen beyblades.
(Sep. 05, 2015  11:47 PM)Manicben Wrote: Aha! I can finally post in this thread! Glad to announce I'm active and soon ready to help out.
I think I'll be able to help out with competitive Burst stuff since London will be quite active with Burst tournaments it seems.
I'll second that it's a London take over Wink Be interested to discusses the differences in each region. I don't normally post that much but more a hands on person. I'll do my best!
Just saw this thread, I hope we can accomplish alot in the future as mentors.