Melbourne Beybladers - WE NEED YOU! (Possible Tournament)

It's been a while Melbourne! A tournament is far overdue, wouldn't you agree? It's time to make a comeback! These holidays I want to host a tournament, but we need people! I'm not sure as to how many there are anymore which is why I'm creating this thread. I've managed to contact a small number of inactive forum members who are keen on a tournament to take place these holidays but it would be great if we could get some more!

Interested members:
Novae Rog
Sam the Beast
Chaos Blader


I've contacted a few other inactive members outside of the forum awaiting there reply.


Date: Most probably June 29.
Venue: Most probably Queen Victoria Gardens (Usual Spot)

I'll advertise elsewhere as well to try get some new and old faces.
We need you Melbourne! Lets make this happen!

I'm interested.
you got me in, every time man, every time. just got a few upgrades for my beys and their ready to go.
but me on intrested
Yes!! Lets get an official thread going Omega. it's time Melbourne awakes from its sleep.
This would be great to finally have another Australian tournament happen. It's looking good so far.
i could go, got to find my stuff first.
I think it's time we make this official. Don't you? Lets go melbourne .
Nup sorry guys I'm gonna b in Perth Tongue_out
Goodluck to everyone though
Since this never happened can we expect a tournament in the upcoming weeks? since the holidays have started?
I've proposed one for this Saturday, but it seems that there's been an issue with the previous tournament. Hopefully it'll be resolved today.
I guess not then omega. ive got a beyblades related package coming in hopefully soon so for me, the latter the better, but not too late.
Hi Omega,

I am new to this forum..Please include me for future tournaments in Melbourne.Thank you!
Damn it really is sad to watch us go quite. Blah is gone,omega has not been on since august, what are we gonna do?
Raykon, Giraton, Chaos Blader, and maybe even ZX are still here. Omega hasn't been here in a while, but I'm sure one of you guys could contact him and/or some of the other Melbourne bladers.

It wouldn't be that hard to get things up and running in Melbourne again, but somebody needs to step up and host before it can happen. It's not like you guys have been completely gone for a year or something.

I'd go for it and see who you can get together. Tournaments in Melbourne again would be really, really cool. Smile

EDIT: Oh yah, and blah is still here too. Don't know if he's up for a tournament (or if he moved or something?), but he's here almost every day.
still here and as much as i want to do something, i lack the time, money and power to do so. doesn't help that the fact that the only people i can contact are chaos blader and my team that i believe have all quit. i think if we were to do a tournament, we would either have to a. make it open to public and that will cause an abundance of problems if it were to be an official wbo tournament or b. get everyone who is still here to find some chat room where we can all agree on a location and date. c. is do it how we normally do but i doubt that will work this time.
Hi Omega
Can you please confirm if the tournament is going ahead tomorrow at the Queen Vic Gardens and if so what time ?
Thanks and I look forward to your reply
Mr Cool Blader
(Jun. 28, 2014  1:43 PM)Mr Cool Blader Wrote: Hi Omega
Can you please confirm if the tournament is going ahead tomorrow at the Queen Vic Gardens and if so what time ?
Thanks and I look forward to your reply
Mr Cool Blader

Don't go! This was last years event!

Australia has been pretty (very) inactive in general, so it's hard to ever get a tournament unless you have friends or whatever in this year.