[Melbourne, Australia] Melbourne Tournaments in Hobby Shops ?

We should seriously consider moving to Queens park which is just down the road.
Better scene, more shade, toilets nearby, canteen on site and more space.
Hmm, apparently there are alot of people at Queens Park. I've been there before but never on the long holidays, i'm guessing it will be a lot more active Wink And your all going down, getting several new beys including Perseus, Galaxy Pegasis, Unicorno and Giraffe. ^^ STILL more to come haha
How long did bey inferno go for? and what prizes were offered?
What about hosting one closer to the city ? ;]
Some of us live to the East and South East areas. =P
no prizes , not that i know of. anyway it lasted fro 4 and a half hours 2 hours 4 ppl to get there another 2 and 1/2 to finish ^^ i left early as, my mum and dad got carped off...
So there was about 2 hours of competition? So all players supplyed their own stadiums?
2 1/2 hours of play and yepp.
Not everyone brought stadiums.

littlechips: Yes there were prizes.
About 3 hours of competition, and $50.00 Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners.
ooh 50 dollars cash or prizes worth 50. good nonetheless does this mean we wont have prizes for thee next tourney o-0
There will always be prizes ... And it's $50.00 on Bey Prizes, not money.
awesome. isnt vulcan horseus about $50?

EDIT: sorry, i just waanted to know if a vulcan could be a potential prize maybe i misworded it... Omega... i wait your payment ^^ sorry, im just so anxious

one more thing, its been reallly funny when ppl put my username with an s at the end and i have another username on ebay etc, so just call me chipz. it is practically the suffix to both my usernames
^That does not belong here.
Ok so it was a 3 hour event with 150 worth of prize support, what tournament system/format was used eg. round robin, swiss?
Block round robin.
All the players were split evenly into 3 of blocks consisting of 19 people in each block.
Each player would then battle everyone in their block and at the end, the player with the most wins and least loses in their block progresses to the final. =P
Although we will probably do double elimination or have more blocks next time due to the amount of people.
Indeed. Could someone explain the process of double elimination. I'm not sure where that question goes...
It's basically if you lose two matches in a row, you're out. =P
Plus with the square grid things with the names.
Awesome. It might be harder to win though. I like the zround Robin, but eith more blocks. Anybody else agree?
Double elimination sounds good. ;]
It'll be wayyyy faster and you'll have to prove your skill to continue on. :L

But otherwise yeah, block round robin is okay too, more blockkkksss. (:
Never thought of it that way. I was just thinking if we had that, that little girl wouldn't survive. I have little beyspirit thats why im worried, but atleast ill have a good custom. Once I get them that'd make it 9 Top-Tier combos I own....
I think rounds of swiss is better than round robins, because winning players play other winning player and vice versa. It would mean that players even if they dont do well get to participate and are matched against others with the same skill level.

It would then cut to top 8 or top 16 single elimination until there is a winner.

The amount of rounds played would depend on the turnout and number of players.