Me, I guess

Wussup? The name's Bryan, but I prefer to go by Epsilon(Like the Greek letter). Even though I've been on the WBO since the Metal Fury days(I forgot that account in its entirety), I don't think I've posted on here! So... Hi! I'm aiming to be at least the California champion, and hopefully the world! ...But that's wishful dreaming, especially with Team Shellshock's mere existence... Oh, well. I started with MFB way back when I was 7 and LOVED it. The only bey I remember having was Dark Bull... Anywho, I played MFB all the way up to the end and loved it(Except Shogun Stell. That sucked). Eventually, by forces of unknown nature(such as "life), I lost nearly all of my MFB beys. I only have 2 right now and they both suck. Now, in fall 2016, I heard about Burst, and in winter 2016, I decided to but the Valkriye Wing Accel Deluxe Starter Set(The one with a light launcher and Beylogger). I freaking loved it. I somehow ended up losing the layer and driver, but I still have Wing to this day(And yes, I'm sure it's not just a Hasbro Wing that I've picked up!). I later got the Epic Rivals set in winter 2016/early 2017 and loved that. I still have the V2 layer! From there, I began my Burst collection. I've always been a fan of the Fafnir line because I just find spin-stealing so fascinating Tongue_out_wink . From here, my small goal is to become an organizer to foster a WBO community in my area!
Hey there. GLad to have you! I live in Tn but maybe we'll get to battle some how XD