Mario and Luigi RPG 3

God I have been waiting for a third one for soooo long. this one looks really good cuz you can play as Bowser and personally I like Bowser a lot so I am cannot wait for it to come out in April. DISCUSS!!!
There's a third one? I only played the second one and that thing was funny. I may see see what's this is about even though I don't have a DS.
Its worth it man. heres a trailer if your interested.
*Ignores the tests*

I enjoyed the first one on GBA up until the part I faced that Giant Soda can monster. I put over 2 hours in one battle once, and I still lost. I threw my GBA across the room, it broke, and I swore, I'd never touch another Mario RPG that is not made by Square.
Well it took me a good 40mins to an hour to beat him as well but there are ways of beating it so don't give up!!!