Make up your own Cross Fight B-Daman!

This is like any topic in "Your Creations" where you make up Beyblades, but in this one, you get to make up your own B-Daman, particularly of the Cross Fight variety! Here is a creation template below:

Name: (in CFB, a B-Daman's name is determined by what parts are used, like in Metal Fight Beyblade. It goes like this; (Core)=(B-Animal name). And the equals sign is included between the two names.)
Type: (Power, Rapid-Fire, Control, or Special)
Power: (it's on a 1-10 scale (1 being lowest and 10 highest), along with Control and Rapid-Fire)
Emblem Charge: (Yes or no. And give details on the B-Daman's Emblems)
Super-Shot/Emblem Charge Shot:
Sentient: (Yes or No. Sentient B-Daman have B-Animals that speak freely to their partners)
Personality: (For sentient B-Daman only)
Mode Change: (Yes or No)
Appearance: (go into as much detail as you could)

Just remember to use your imagination! ;)

Oh, and I'll understand if you think this thread doesn't belong here!

EDIT: Since the advent of Cross Fight B-Daman eS and the Emblem Charge System, I've updated the creation template.
Here is an example of a made-up B-Daman

Name: Delta=Dragoddess
Type: Special
Power: 5/10
Control: 5/10
Rapid-Fire: 5/10
Super-Shot(s): Dragoness Delta Rush (fires a violet, three-way energy blast in a triangular formation), Grapeshot Blast (fires a violet energy burst that acts similar to a shotgun blast, but with more range)
Sentient: Yes
Personality: Confident, short-tempered, strong-willed, hateful towards Smash=Dragold
Mode Change: Yes (Power Mode, Rapid-Fire Mode, Sniper Mode)
Appearance: Has an appearance similar to Smash=Dragold, but has more feminine cues, being a female Dragon-type B-Daman and all, along with a violet and gold color scheme. Her golden-colored Delta Core has a barrel shaped like an upside-down equilateral triangle, with a violet-colored trigger in the back. The trigger also has a ring attached to it that is triangular-shaped and is also violet. Her wings are like those of an angel, compared to the wings of Twin=Drazeros and Smash=Dragold. Like Dragold's wings, Dragoddess' wings can be used for Mode Changing. Attaching the wings to the ends of the Core's barrel means a switch from Normal Mode to Sniper Mode, the wings extending the barrel for better accuracy. Putting the wings in a downward position means a switch to Power Mode. Attaching the wings to the back of Dragoddess' head means that she would be in Rapid-Fire Mode, with the wings acting as a magazine extension. She also has teardrop-shaped eyes, whose irises are a delicate pink.
type: power
power: 8
rapid fire:6
super shotGaspmega death a crazy powerful blasts that only works in berserk mode, raptor hunter a light speed barrage attack that won't stop till its target is destroyed.
personality:fierce, sarcastic and egotistic
mode change: yes (rave mode (rapid fire) and berserk mode (power mode))

it has a black core with a red trigger and greenish brown scaly armor
@ Beyblade mau5: Nice one, man!
Good, good! Now, see if anyone else is interested!
Name: Shift=Wolf
Type: Power
Power: 7
Control: 2
Super-ShotConfusedhift Wolf Rageing Attack
Sentient: Yes
Personality: Humours
Mode Change: No
@ bennettcarroll: That's very good.
type: control
power: 5
rapid fire:2
special shot:celestial blaze (fires a flaming b-daball), phoenix dive bomb (focuses all its power in one point to fire a huge shockwave) and phoenix celestial rush ( a fusion of the first two moves)
sentient: yes
personality: serious, kind, heroic..

also i think we should give a description of what they look like and what there special shot does this b-daman has a gold core orange trigger and red feathery armor
@ Beyblade mau5: Very well
@ Beyblade mau5: I edited the template, to let y'all know.
(Jul. 26, 2012  9:09 PM)Beyblade mau5 Wrote: Celestial=Phoenix
Type: Control
Power: 5/10
Control: 9/10
Rapid-Fire: 2/10
Special Shot(s): Celestial Blaze, Phoenix Dive Bomb, Phoenix Celestial Rush
Sentient: Yes
Personality: Serious, kind, heroic

also i think we should give a description of what they look like and what there special shot does

Fixed a few things, and you forgot to put whether or not this guy's got mode change
Type: rapid fire
power: 4
control: 4
rapid fire: 8
special shot: razor gash (shot is launched at such a high speed a slicing vacuum is made around it.
sentient: yes
personality:power hungry, witty and funny
the b-daman has a silver core an orange trigger and orange and black armor.

ill describe my other ones soon
my rapid fire and control one do not have mode changes
@ mau5: Oh, okay then. Thanks for letting me know! Smile
Type: special
rapid fire:5
special shot:dragonic rage(super powerful barrage), elite strike(super accurate attack that perfectly targets weak points)
personality: does not show emotion, very serious

elite=dragonica is all white grey and silver

he has 4 modes brute(power), focus(control), rave(rapid fire) and legend(special)
@ mau5: Wow, man, brutal!
Yup I just which more people would post on here I love b-daman battle b-daman was the best
Rapid Fire=6
Special Shot= Omega Raging Destruction
Sentient: Yes
PersonalityConfusederious but shows emotion
Silver armour blue metal core
Core= Backspin shots
B animal: Dragon
@ DarkBull2296: Nice one, dude! Be sure to put a little more detail to his appearance, if you could.

Also, has anyone ever made a non-sentient B-Daman yet?
Nope cuz they arnt as cool cuz they can't talk. Wich by the way talking b-daman are freaking sweet
@ mau5: I gotcha
I'm surprised there arnt more cross fight fans on hear considering beyblade and b-daman are kinda simalar (not that much) battle b-daman was more like it
Yeah, anyways, what kind of B-Daman you think I could come up with next?
@ mau5: Okay then, I'll see what I can do. What type should it be?
@ mau5: Right then, Power-type it is!