Make up your own Cross Fight B-Daman!

No problem, just don't like other people saying that idea. It's a free world though haha.
(super shots)light of storms[creates a big ball of light then shoots it at its oppenent],tri-blast attack[shoots beams into many directions stopping rotations completely]
(personality)determined,strong willed,confident,short-tempered
(mode change)yes[choas mode,defense mode,stamina mode,attack mode]
(appearence)looks like rock leone but has storm metal and 3 types of shields like variares.When in choas mode the bey[animal] is at its strongest and is simply covered in light.Defense mode has the shields visible on its metal.Attack mode has visible claws like galaxy pegasus.Stamina mode makes the bey[animal] move in vey swift ways chaning its appearence a little.This bey can change its form with its modes

Type: Control
Power: 5/10
Control: 9/10
Rapid: 6/10
Super Shots: Wisp Burst; fires off b-damas in the form of powerful blue flares.
Sentient: Yes
Core: The core is very skin, with smooth walls to have the b-dama go quickly. The trigger is a casual black push trigger. But by applying a piece that looks like three yellow tails that sit the the back of the core, which increases speed and power, similar to Cobalt Blade.
Personality: Quite and mysterious, but once in awhile speaks up.
Appearence: Neon yellow in color. Its head piece is in the shape of a fox with small green eyes under the ears. In between the two ears is a Yin and Yang symbol.
Its lower body consists of obviously the core, and its arm pieces are thin with silver claws.
The feet are wide, also consisting with silver claws. There's also three tail pieces with the gimmicked core.
@DrigerKai: Looks very nice!
well here goes:
crusher tyranno
sentient with a attitude to beat everyone
power 10
mod change:opens its mouth treval another place to shoot
charge shoot
emblem shoot:t-rex stomping
Name: scarlet=fox
Power: 4
Control: 4
Rapid-Fire: 6
Super-Shot: sly shot (shoots one ball and then 2 more in the shadow of the other 1)
Pounce (shoots 6 shots a super high speeds that come in for 6 different angels)
Sentient: Yes
Personality: blunt and straight to the point kind of like skulduggery form the book skulduggery pleasant
Mode Change: (not sure what that means)
Appearance: red fox ears where the head is then the body of her is also red then it has a armor like plates on her that are dark magenta colored.
You guys know that there was another series of b-damon. It was long ago like 2007.
Yes, we know. But this clearly states that it's about Cross Fight B-Daman, so I really don't see why you had to post that...
Name: Soaring =Phoenix
Power: 6
Control: 7
Rapid-Fire: 8
Special shot:Rapid Spinning Balls Transforming Into An Phoenix Giga Metro shot.
Name: Pierce=Angle

Type: Control/Power Type

Power: 5/10

Control: 7/10

Rapid-Fire: 2/10

Emblem Charge: Like every "Emblem Charge" the Emblem glows.The Emblem have a bird shape on it. The Emblem is diamond shaped and blue colored.

Emblem Charge Shot: "Shine the Darkness"(Light From Above).While Pierce Angle is facing downwards, the B-Dama is fired and the B-dama will spin in front of the
core then another B-Dama is fired to make a double shot for extra aim/power.The B-Animal will fly up and pierce down to the target.

"Star Lights Rains Down"(Angle's Teardrop).As the Wings are flipped to the front. 3 B-dama will spin on the wings and one B-dama is
fired in the middle and will from a star shape.The B-Animal will fly up and spread his wings and release raining feathers.This is only
possible when the Wings are flipped to the front.

Sentient: Yes (sometimes annoying)

Personality: Always happy,talks a lot, can become serious when the enemy is hurting the user.(Me Tongue_out)

Mode Change: Yes (The wings can turn back and this will make Pierce=Angle to a Power/Control Type)

Appearance: He has white arms/legs parts.The Eyes are orange.The "Emblem" are on his shoulder.He have red/blue feathers on his head part also use for
aiming purposes and yellow for beaks.He also have blue/white/red wings that can turn back to make a power shot possible.He always use
a quick-loader as his special tune-up gear.The head part is use for great aiming.The arm parts have rubber that will make it less
shaking while shooting.Leg parts have spikes to have more stability.Pierce=Angle uses a Metal-Pierce core that have a similar look like Dragren's

Opening Emblem Shot: From the 7 heavens shines one star, Light up the Darkness, "Light From Above".
From all the stars in the 7 heavens, Star Lights Rains Down, "Angles Teardrops"

The Picture Below is the B-Animal:
[Image: pierce_angle_b_animal_by_vinyl_unheart-d6wbkgh.png]
Tsunami = Draqua
Power 9/10
Control 7/10
Rapid 2/10
emblem charge: yes .. it looks like water dragon
Super shot : Poseidon Revenge
Sentient : Yes
Personality : Funny .. Joker .. Sporting .. Big mouth
Mode change : Yes .. Normal mode and Angry Mode
Its looks like a fusion of whale .. levithan and an awesome water dragon
Name Confusedilent = Terrimon

Type Confusedpeacial

Power :10/10

Control : 10/10

Rapid fire : 10/10

Super shots : Yes, It has 5 emblem charges Charge 1 "crack up sound waves go! Terrimon" Change 2 "Control all sound straight charging control!" Charge 3 "Pushes all forces powered shot!" Charge 4 "With
mysterious sound ,No one shall defeat go! Terrimon defeat them all! Change 5 "you're no longer live..."

Sentient :Yes, It's Terrimon
10 for every stats?!
(Jul. 08, 2015  1:58 PM)J.I.N.B.E.E! Wrote: 10 for every stats?!

I don't play B-Daman that much anymore, but that's crazy stats..
Personality : perfect b daman ever!

Mode change: Yes

Apperance : It,s a very weird b daman I believe it has the most b daman parts ,you have to your all parts of your finger only your pointy and to do that you need strings trails etc it's just more comfortable and a lot better than the ultimate drive garuburn and it's only fits it self usally:3

Any other questions?

But even I know that my stats should be fair and balanced.

Mine is Eject=Quetsuchiru, a power and control hybrid.

The core is undecided, I even modded my B-Daman to make it look like my B-Daman.

Useless = Empty
Type special
Power 0/10
Control 0/10
Rapid Fire 0/10
Super shots nothing
Sentient no
Pesonolity simply nothing at all
Mode change nothing
Appearance Just nothing!?!!EeeUnhappy
So thin air?

I think a better B-Daman and probably totally THE BEST of all is stuffing marbles in your mouth and spit them out haha.
Hey guys please I designed Terrimon for months

Although the thin air b daman idea is sorta weird.
(Jul. 08, 2015  2:21 PM)Igetup Wrote: Hey guys please I designed Terrimon for months

Post a picture or something... we're just being honest, no one likes an overpowered shounen anime toy e.g. B-Daman, Bakugan, Beyblade etc

We need pictures to see how good yours look, I'm sure it is good.

Also you should join B-Daman Wiki Forums, it seems like the place for you, I'm also there so if you need help, I'll be there.
Here is my own CFB:
Spear=Ferucyuan (Based on Fenghuang)
Type: Control
Stats: Power - 4, Control - 9, Rapid Fire - 4
System: Emblem Charge
Special Shot: I dunno... I'll think of one later
Owner: Chiane Zhanshi

If someone is wondering how I got the name Fenghuang to Ferucyuan, I'll demonstrate:
Fenghuang > Ferucyuan
Furu (Japanese translation of the word 'flew'... on Google Translate) > Ferucyuan
Cyan > Ferucyuan
(Jul. 08, 2015  2:40 PM)Igetup Wrote: How to takes those image in?

Use something like Imageshack or Tinypic, using the codes, for Tinypic you don't need to make an account.
Type Power
Power 9
Control 0
Rapid fire 5
Super shot lava marble
Senteint Magma fish
Mode change Boring mode Happy mode
Apperance It hate ice it look like a fish with beatiful red stripe like a lava stream

Please donot send any email my mom will kill meUnhappy
type Speacial
Power 5/10
Rapid fire 5/10
Control 5/10
Rapidly fire
Owner Adis Udol

Misc is the one of the worst b daman (ever) in crestland but, his owner is a B daman expert
Misc looks just like a bird he dont care any thing even his owner dead or whatever
happen to himself