[Maine/New England, USA] Maine or New England

Doubt I'll get any responses, but I won't know if I don't try, right?

Anyone from Maine or Northern New England?
M.A. Pretty close-ish.
I live in Orange County - Vermont, Just over the Connecticut River from Grafton County, New Hampshire. Any bladers in that NH area?
I live in MA. Maine is pretty far. Doubt we'll get to battle anyway.
I'm from Southern maine. Looking for bladers in my area. Hit me up if anyone is still blading around here
I think I remember a blader on here saying they were from New Hampshire, but can't remember who now. Lol. Or if anyone at all in the New England area is interested in attending an event, please post here
Yes I’m from Augusta Maine and I have been looking for something like this
BeyME is 9 years old and located north of Augusta, Maine. Any bladers nearby? Willing to travel up to two hours for a bey-date!