Madoka's laptop profiles (Character ages included)

Updated on 09/22/2009

note: I just stumbled upon this by accident while watching ep7 on my DVD.

Name: Osamu
Age: 12
Beyblade: ?????

[Image: 1zyu2s5.png]
Bey Brad
byus hugyq is my favourite beyblade
How on Earth do you pronounce that?
Bey Brad
seriously the gibberish typing is really inexcusable, they used it in ep 25 on the tournament screen when they could have put their names or something
That's not the Beyblade's name. Synergy SP and Tatsunoko pro are being lazy when it comes to putting detailed info on Madoka's laptop, and on the WBBA tournament screen, etc. They just enter "shskjsdjskdsjdksjd" basically random nonsense because they're lazy.
A whole topic for this when there is already a thread about character ages and that we already mentioned that Osamu (and the rest of Kenta's friends) were 12 years old ?

Personally, this information has been on Beyblade Spirit for at least one month ...
I made this topic just to put Madoka's laptop profile pictures here. shows the name, age, Beyblade. I know there is an MFB ages topic, but this is not just about the ages.
However, there is barely anything interesting out of Madoka's laptop : we are halfway through the series, and that is probably the most interesting screenshot we have, and it is nothing much. So at the rate something remotely interesting will be revealed, you would be better just posting it in the Beyblade Anime and Manga Random Thoughts topic ... I also take an average of four hundred amazing screenshots per amazing episode, so there is no chance that I will miss one of those laptop screens, therefore they will end up in the Beyblade Spirit Gallery anyway.

There has only been one other potentially interesting screenshot of Madoka's laptop that seemed to show Hyouma's last name, however it was way too blurred.
LMFAO on Brad's comment

Quote:Bey Brad wrote:

byus hugyq is my favourite beyblade

Leave this topic open Kai-V. One of the reasons is to joke around about the ridiculous writing shown in the show.
Energy ring looks familiar... maybe Wind Wolf 100XF?
(Jan. 15, 2011  4:57 PM)ldragolightning Wrote: Energy ring looks familiar... maybe Wind Wolf 100XF?

It look like Wind Wolf 100F to me