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The cards are quite good and I like the graphics.
I run an Angel/Lilanna Vess discard deck, and I test ran it at Anime Central, and I did pretty well. In fact, I plan to bring it to Anime World and see how I do there.
Hrm... Sorry for the mini-necro, but I recently revamped my Green/Blue Infection deck. I've noticed that at tournaments, people tend to run a lot of Proliferation cards. Oddly, I haven't noticed people do this with Infect cards. Is it just me, or does nobody belive that enough -1/-1 counters can and will kill you? Anyway, I was going through a test-run on the new Infection deck, and I noticed that I need another pair of Blighted Agents. This thing is a BEAST when you pair it with any +1/+1 card, since you only need 10 Poison counters on you opponent to win, and Blighted Agent has Infect AND is Unblockable. It's pretty beast. Plus, Viral Drake or some other proliferate cards can beef it pretty well. On average, ti takes three nice hits from this thing to win if you have the right cards. Best part? It costs TWO MANA. This thing is broken like HELL in my deck. Sadly, I only have two. Thundering Tanadon is a pretty good beatstick as long as you can get the thing to have Infection. It can end up costing you 4 life to play, but in a Green Deck, that's not a problem, but in an Infect deck, you NEED to give it infect. 5 poison counters from one hit, and it has TRAMPLE? Nice. It's also a good idea to pack a few Phyrixian Mana cards, that way, you can play some off-color cards, and still use 'em. Spined Thopter makes nice Plaguemaw Beast fodder. Corrupted Conscience is damn good, too. Especially if your opponent has only a few creatures, usually one big beatstick. CC takes it, gives it infect, and you can attack with it that turn for some nice damage. Otherwise, you can wipe off a big creature with a bunch of -1/-1 counters, then use Plaguemaw Beast to get rid of it and Proliferate again. Everyone who uses Infect decks, you should definitely get yourself a Spinebiter. It's pricey, but get this: It can place it's poison counters wherever it want to. It specifically says, "You may assign Spinebiter's damage as if it wasn't blocked." Plus, it's 3/4, so heaping +1/+1 counters on it isn't a bad idea.
Play mutagenic growth and titanic growth.
Tezzarats gambit. Glisstener elf. Pretty much set.
I've got three Glistener Elves, and I'm looking for Tezzerat's Gambit. I'll pick one up at Anime World in August. The stalls there normally have good cards cheap.
Ahhh, I just finished re-testing my Lilana Vess/Angel deck, and BLARGH, is it SLOW. It more than makes up for it, though, by turn 7, I had 42 Life, and proceeded to throw caution to the wind. I love Victory's Herald, and I so love Vigilance. I may drop Praetor's Grasp, it hasn't been as useful as it normally is of late. I'll replace it with another Mind Rot. I need another anyway. Caustic Hound, on the other hand, is very useful when you have a bunch of life. Keeps your opponent from attacking as much.
I've been trying to get back into MTG and bought a couple intro packs to catch up a bit. It's hard to get back into the game after a six year break...I still have an old deck I made a few years ago. I've gotta update it.
Surprisingly, the intro decks don't need much tampering. They're pretty good alone. (Of course, building is necessary, it's just not as bad as many YGO structure decks are.) I'd reccommend a Deck Builder set. It's got about 390 cards, and is only $20.
I'm running Bloodthirst. Here's my decklist:

Creatures (26):
3x Goblin Arsonist ®
3x Goblin Fireslinger ®
4x Stormblood Berserker (1R)
4x Duskhunter Bat (1B)
4x Blood Ogre (2R)
4x Bloodrage Vampire (2B)
2x Vampire Outcasts (2BB)
2x Bloodlord of Vaasgoth (3BB)

Instants (8):
4x Lightning Bolt ®
4x Grasp of Darkness (BB)

Artifacts (1):
1x Blade of the Bloodchief (1)

Lands (25):
11x Mountain
11x Swamp
1x Teetering Peaks
1x Piranha Marsh
1x Terramorphic Expanse
Terramorphic Expanse? I have one, but I really don't see much use in it.
My best card is denizen of the deep. 11/11!
I'm interested in starting MTG and I need a jumping point to start from. I was thinking of buying the 2013 white intro pack and buy a deck builder's toolkit set, is that a good idea?
My Deck is Blue/Black, the staple cards are Lilanna Vess and Tezerek. Its called Aquapyre. Most of the creatures are vampires. When using this deck, I usually end the game with more life than I started with.
(Aug. 26, 2012  8:50 AM)bladerjosh1994 Wrote: I'm interested in starting MTG and I need a jumping point to start from. I was thinking of buying the 2013 white intro pack and buy a deck builder's toolkit set, is that a good idea?

You wont need the intro pack once you have the toolkit.What color do you want to use the most?
I would probably white maybe black. So just get a toolkit instead of an intro pack?
When I found this I was shocked by the lack of posts. I thought there would be more members that played this considering that IMO this is the best tcg ever. I run a burn deck mostly but I also have a soulbind, flashback and invinsibilty/null deck. My school has a MTG club that meets on Fridays and I do somewhat decent compared to how much more experienced they are than me.
So I had Friday magic club again and we had a 5 v 5 group match and my team won!!!! I was running a white and blue deck.
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Hm, I did have some Magic Cards a couple years back. The designs were definitely very well drawn and not "kiddish" like in the Pokemon cards xD I then proceeded to buy a starter kit (toolkit, was it?) I wanted to play the game and I did end up making someone teach me. It was complicated, lol. So I quit and sold all my cards. I still have a very old sealed Portal two-deck pack.
i love mtg and im sorta good at it...
OMG Have you guys seen the leaked Gatecrash spoilers!!! Standard was already crazy diverse now we have Boros, Gruul, Simic, Dimr and Orzhav coming in. I cant wait to run Gruul and Boros.
Sorry for reviving this, but does anyone still play MTG? I'm running (and still building) a Green/Red Acceleration deck and I'm building a five-color Sliver deck. I might chop it down to BUG though since I'm having some mana problems with what I have so far. Slivers are so broken lol, can't wait to see how my deck does at Friday Night Magic when it's done.
There is no need to run that many colors in a sliver deck. The more colors you add to a deck, the less consistent. I recommend sticking to white green and red, as all slivers lie in these colors, and you can still get pacifism, growth, and rage of phos.
On the subject of using green red, your deck is useless unless you run a gruel war chant, well not really useless just not living to its potential. So if you don't have one get one

And try not to necro threads bruh.
I'm guessing necro thread means reviving a thread? I don't mean to be rude, but is it really a problem if I revive just one thread?

With blue you get gale rider and diffusion sliver as well as some removal like dissipate, and when matched with green you get simic charm. In my opinion, diffusion and gale are two slivers you absolutely need, plus diffusion is really broken. Then that leaves red, white and black to choose.

For white, steelform isn't all that good, bonescythe is really good but you have striking sliver with red, constricting is more late game so you'll probably never use it (unless you had chord of calling + manaweft, but even then it still costs a lot of mana), sentinel gives vigilance which is nice but you wouldn't really need that if you had black removal. Return to the ranks, pacifism, oppressive rays, and arrest are nice though. The only reason you would want red is because striking sliver + venom sliver is really broken, and for the extra buffs from battle sliver. Black would be for Syphon, leeching, whip of erebos, doom blade, hero's downfall, diabolic tutor and golgari charm, and in my opinion definitely worth it. Manaweft + Diabolic tutor + Big Daddy + doom blade = GG.

It really goes down to what you want to play. I'll probably try each combo out but RUG and BUG are the biggest possibilities. Thanks for recommendation though.

I have one gruel war chant that i'm not using, but i'll put it in my green/red and get more since it's pointless to have only one copy of a card in a deck. What decks do you run?
So you're just putting the entire meta in one deck