MSF-Samurai Wyvang GB145 R2F (Crystal Up)

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Yes, definitly.
Definitly a chance, do more tests.
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If anything, I love Archer with Wyvang the most but I did some tests with Samurai. I do like this combo!

Samurai Wyvang GB145R2F vs. Earth Aquario GB145CS
Samurai Wyvang: 12 wins (All KO)
Earth Aquario: 8 wins (All OS)
Samurai Wyvang win percentage: 60%

Samurai Wyvang GB145R2F vs. Bakushin Leone 85RSF
Samurai Wyvang: 9 wins (All KO)
Bakushin Leone: 11 wins (2 KO, 9 OS)
Samurai Wyvang win percentage: 45%

Against Bakushin, use a lower track guys! Maybe CH120 or lower.
Personally I like Gladiator just for increased aggression against taller opponents (also the fact it's about as heavy as Samurai) or Dark Knight for the same and also left spin, both of which expose Wyvang nicely (Gladiator also puts weight over what I assume are its main side-on contact points very nicely, too). I dunno about using lower tracks, to me Wyvang hasn't shown much side-on smash (and I don't see a huge amount in the design) though perhaps I've been unlucky with possible inconsistency or something, and that loss of weight (and balance adjustment from R145) is something I'm not keen on (and I doubt MSF-H will change that). Personally I'm kinda surprised to see how much trouble wyvang has with LTDC though, so eh, what do I know.

I am going to say though that a very good Wyvang Discussion thread will be along within 24 hours for us to have this discussion in (i.e. don't go making it in the meantime 'kay everyone?), if only because I'd feel really bad if Galaxy Blade were beaten to the punch because I told him to give me some time to write some stuff out for it etc.

Tri: 45% is still pretty eh, and then you're giving up weight etc. Dicey IMO.
I missed a lot, haha.

Ginga, I used Samurai, as it was heavier, and just worked better for me.

Yeah, if anything, CH120 may do better with this, as far as facing Bakushin goes. Otherwise, GB145 seems to do the trick. Tongue_out
VS. Stamina
It should be Samurai Wyvang (Crystal Up Mode) Kaizer. Sorta surprised that SW didn;t get 100 against Libra Tongue_out
There were a lot of wall-saves. And there was that fluke-KO.

This is Mold 2 BTW.
(Jan. 01, 2014  9:13 PM)Kaizer Wrote: VS. Stamina

(Jan. 01, 2014  9:20 PM)Kaizer Wrote: There were a lot of wall-saves. And there was that fluke-KO.

This is Mold 2 BTW.

If you actually have a mold 2 libra you shouldn't be using it because they're rare and somewhat valuable. Are you sure it isn't mold 3 (from bb-96?)
Also, that's not the same combo as this thread is for...
It is mold 3 sorry.

I ddin't have a GB145, and H145 was the best option.
No need to apologise, second time I've seen someone make that mistake in the same number of days though, so if you remember where you got the idea of it being mold 2 from do shoot me a pm k? Smile

Honestly, from what I've seen H145 is pretty eh on Wyvang, Wyvang has enough recoil as it is basically and wants more weight, but then I don't have an MSF-H so maybe it works. Still don't think it'll help wyvang much against LTDC though, I mean Wyvang still does better than most 145 height attackers and H145 against it if I recall the tests correctly, and H145 is only going to get in the way, though I guess seeing as you were using it as a sub that doesn't matter. Personally, I much prefer R145 to both H145 and GB145, helps even out the balance nicely (or exaggerate it further if you like hopping slightly (can help if you have a really passive RF) if you orient it the other way), and of course it's the second heaviest track in the format after A230 so that's nice to have. Doesn't seem to cause me any issues with LTDC that aren't there otherwise, either. Just my 2c for the time being (really I should shut up so there's something left to say in the discussion thread haha).

EDIT: Oh wow, actually H145 is a reallllly bad idea on wyvang, it exposes the really recoily point on its underside (the wyvang's chin), unlike GB145 and R145 which can both help prevent access to it. Against MF-H Bakushin Leone 90RSF this leads to Wyvang living up to its name and taking to the skies quite a lot. Wouldn't matter in your matchup but yeah.