MSF-H Revizer Genbull BD145RS(Defensive Combo)

Poll: Is this combo good or not?

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Hey guys i found a new defensive combo MSF-H Revizer Genbull BD145RS.
  • MSF-H: Makes Bey Heavier with more defence
    Genbull: Has alot of Stamina
    Revizer: Has alot of Defence and Stamina
    BD145: Give alot of Attack, Defence, And Stamina to the bey.
    RS: a good defence tip so it gives some more defence to the bey.
    Standard Procedure:
    MFB Attack Stadium
    Beylauncher R
    Launcher Grip
    Grip Rubber
Tests: VS: Flash Orion GB145R2F
  • Genbull: 4 OS 14 KO
    Flash: 2 KO
VS: Diablo Kerbecs BD145RF
  1. Genbull:16 KO 3 OS
  2. Kerbecs: 1 OS
If there are anymore tests needed i will do them but i don't know what else to test against so please tell me what to test it against. If there is any problems with the format or this thread please let me know it is my 2nd test. Thanks.
It definatly needs testing against stamina and defence combos try it against reviser dragooon sa165ewd
(Oct. 22, 2013  10:04 PM)DRAGON KING Wrote: It definatly needs testing against stamina and defence combos try it agaist reviser dragooon sa165ewd

I will test against that sometime in the next 1-2 days.
Well, try it against Stamina, Duo ___ W145 WD, please.

Honestly RS isn't the best defense tip, its Balance is nothing to brag about. RSF/CS is a lot better, considering Reviser Reviser BD145 CS is currently Top-Tier. Tongue_out
Er... this is just a cookie cutter defender. MSF-H Reviser Genbull BD145 RDF/RB/RSF is already top-tier. XD It's not exactly a new setup...

Plus, RS isn't top-tier anymore... it's balance makes it totally inferior to other competitive defense tips anyway.

Although it is great to see some results for Reviser Genbull. Smile

Wait... 90% against Flash?? Confused Something went wrong there LOL.

EDIT: Beaten by Leone19
This custom isn't anything new... Like TBD said, it's a bunch of cookie-cutter defense parts put together. If you want to make a thread for a custom like this, at least explain why it deserves a thread over the other very similar customs already on the competitive list.