MFB Episode 33 : The Oath of Phoenix (11/15/09)

This episode was decent...I still hate the name change, but I guess it would be weird for Phoenix to have Phoenix, would it not? But Gingka had 48000 points, and now has 0, so there should be no way possible to get into BB now, but he will, as all main characters do... Kenta shoulda been in MFB Explosion...(Useless hope) Maybe he joined a different team?

"Crab? As in crustration crab?" "Gack!" "Is that your final answer?" "Final Gasher! I mean, uhhh... SCUTTLE AWAY!!" Carpin' hilarious!
Phoenix has Burn Phoenix in the original version, it just makes sense ... Obviously Ryuusei chose his pseudonym based on the Beyblade he got from the volcano.
I never said that it was smart, I simply stated the reasoning for it.
And I told you it was not weird for Phoenix to have Burn Phoenix ? That was your only point ...
Not my reason, that was apparently Nelvana's supposed reason. (Or they are just stupid)
it sucks they changed the name to burn fireblaze
(Oct. 29, 2010  4:11 PM)Eric12 Wrote: it sucks they changed the name to burn fireblaze

But Pheonix was way too violent! I mean, they die and they come back to life from their ashes. That's gonna surely traumatize the kids, even though they don't even say anything about the pheonix mythos in the actual show... Huh...

Is the persona of Pheonix called Fireblaze? That would be lame...
Just one name change doesn't make an episode suck. If so, that would mean all episodes suck, because Daidouji's name was changed to Doji.
Seriously I think the only reason for the name change is that somebody seems to own a copyright for "Burn Phoenix" already, since 2006.
I don't mind of name changes and as long as episodes are enjoyable it's alright Wink
It's kids show and it is not that important for 'em - Burn Phoenix or Burn Fireblaze Smile
In my opinion Ginga's voice is getting better every episode ( Or my ears get used to his voice Grin )
Oh well, I'll just nickname it Pheonix. Or Dranzer...
Chocked_2 DUDEi never knew that phoenix is GINGAS DAD!! weird....i didnt see dat coming look it up on utube Grin
(Dec. 20, 2010  5:54 PM)Gingka Hegane Wrote: I know who Pheonix really is

im pretty sure we all do
(Nov. 08, 2009  5:16 PM)Ribbon-hime Wrote:
(Nov. 08, 2009  5:12 PM)Dude Wrote: He looks way cooler than stupid Phoenix from the manga...but he looks suspiciously like that bad guy from "Bakugan New Vestroya"...forgot his name, but the resemblance is striking.
His name is Spectra

Indeed! You are quite observant, I noticed that detail as well. Truly, I do agree that this Pheonix is much more charming than his manga counterpart.