MFB 4D: Episode 123 - The Legend of Nemesis' Revival (08/21/11)

123. The Legend of Nemesis' Revival
Nemeshisu fukkatsu no densetsu

"Ryuto seeked the Fragment of the Star, but was defeated by Dunamis with fruitless effort. When Yuki and Ginga introduce themselves in the next challenge, Dunamis takes notice of Pegasis and commences his battle with Ginga. Although Ginga is eager to attack, he is cornered by Dunamis, who has taken measures against him."
Wooho,so Dunamis have a plan?What happened to Yuki?Why Dunamis don't care about him?
We cannot possibly have an explanation on Yuki's state of affairs for now at least.

Man, I thought we would be past episode 130 to hear anything new or noteworthy about Nemesis.
Dunamis will probably be another Ryuuga. He will probably battle people and win to help revive Nemesis
Why post anything like that we do not know.
Longer summary:

"Ryuto, who searched for the Fragment of the Star as if it was treasure, is defeated by Dunamis without it growing into a tough fight. At that momemt, Yuki and Ginga put themselves forward for the next challenge. Then, Dunamis, who has taken heed of Pegasis, accepts Ginga's challenge and a battle ensued once again! When Ginga attacks daringly, Dunamis sees through it and took measures against it. Having been driven into a predicament, Ginga, however, displays the results of hard work learnt from his previous defeats and goes all-out. Will Dunamis stop the blow of his Special Spin Move with vigor and all his might?"
Some interesting screenshots of this episode's preview :

Really, where is D-Rights going with these characters ...
HaHa,it looks like rock leone in the first pic.
In the second screen shot, is it safe to say I see Aguma, King, and Yuki in the picture? Or am I just completely blind and saw what I wanted? And if I am correct, i believe Dunamis is the first to the left?
I hope the first pic is not Kyoya. Don't do it KYOYA!
In the second pic I see Dunamis,Aguma, and two short kids.
Is that nemesis in the third pic, an old man?
Well for the two short kids, I can some what believe the one on the left is King, while the one next to Aguma is Yuki, as he has the same hair style.

On a sidenote, since it is known Death Quaztecotl and this apparent Duo Uranus are the other two legend blades of the solar system, does this mean the old man and other kid are going to be the owners?
Look at the hair or whatever it is that is brown : that does not match anything Kyouya has.

Also, considering those characters' outfits, they do not seem like anybody we know, and they might just be some 'flashback' of what the 'Warriors' were in the past or something.
Then I guess it is Aguma with a Rock Leone? Probably another mess-up
EDIT:in the 2nd picture there is a third short kid I didn't see before to the right who is kneeling
I don't get why people think its Rock Leone to begin with, since Kyoya doesn't even have Rock Leone anymore, and that doesn't look like Fang Leone in the slightest.
(Aug. 14, 2011  3:23 AM)Wang Fu Zhong Wrote: I don't get why people think its Rock Leone to begin with, since Kyoya doesn't even have Rock Leone anymore, and that doesn't look like Fang Leone in the slightest.

No, that definitely looks like Rock Leone if you look closely, but it is probably not that important.
I just can't get the thought out of my head that the second picture most likely shows all the legend bladers of the solar system. Which kind of got me thinking if the child with red hair could possibly be the Titi from an original post from you. I'm not trying to spread any rumours or things of that variety, just a thought.
This is really serious I think its: Yuki King Aguma and the guy with Poseidon MIGHT turn out to be a legend blader who knows?
Or these could be ancestors, really, be careful about what you say.
You forget this is anime, even if they are ancestors (which they most likely are) of course their replacements are going to look exactly like them.
So I think it could possibly be safe to say that these are in fact, the legend bladers of the solar system.
Exactly it has to be: Yuki, Aguma, King, Dunamis and two other people who knows who?
has any1 there actually seen bao?
i mean bao is there!
look very carefully the guy left to the old man
The guy to the left is Dunamis.
The only person in that picture that looks remotely close to Bao is the little red headed child. And from what I'm trying to decipher, I believe thats going to be the Titi that will eventually be introduced.

Edit: This was based on nothing and is completely speculation.
Titi will probably have Death Quetzacoatl