MFB 4D: Episode 107 - Awakening! Anubius (05/01/11)

It's the Legend version, to clear things up. Makes sense, since he's now a Legend Blader.
heres the episode:
Ok the dude at the bottom of the legend bladers looks like Ginka's dad Ryu? Ryusei?
Nice episode, there were some good times with Yuki during it. Good thing his bit beast finally came. It was much better than of what I expected.
Epic Episode, LDD owned all the battles haha. Yuki tried to beat Ryuuga, well, i was having high hopes of him winning, seeing it evolved (having higher power). It ended up losing (Of course he is gonna lose, Ginga and Kyoya can't even beat it Pinching_eyes_2). Nice episode overall.
Re-watching this episode Yuuki really reminded me of the "Trunks" character from Dragonball Z. Apart from the time travel business both of the characters just won't shut up about the "future threat(s)".

Androids == Nemesis
I think that the second person counter clock-wise from Ginga looks like Hyoma, with his round head and hight around Ginga's.
The only people who can for sure be identified on that picture without speculating pointlessly are Ginga, Kyouya, Yuuki and Ryuuga, who can clearly be recognised.
This episode is really cool. Ryugas laugh sounds so cool, his voice is so much better than the german dub.
The battles are so awesome, ryuga fights really great against kyoya, gingka and yuki
(Apr. 21, 2011  4:12 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: Dude really? Kyoya never battles anyone that's why he doesn't lose as much as Ginga. He only ever battled like 3 people during the whole of explosion. Whereas Ginga battles at least 20 times... Also another thing is that Ryuga has only ever lost once. In the whole series. So it's not really surprising they both lost. In short go away you kyoya fanboy.

im not a kyoya fan boy, ok kyoya lost, at least anubis should have won... hey look next time they fight ryuga will lose
(May. 01, 2011  9:29 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: His bey did not change into the brave version so can people shut up about it already... Well this episode sucked and was disappointing. Yuki battled for like 50 seconds and got completly owned.

yup thats true, and kyoya got owned ginga put up a good fight tho
(May. 04, 2011  3:04 PM)DRANZ3R Wrote: but ginga should have won, it shows evil stronger

It's called "Making a threat out of a vilain and/or rival"

It's pretty common, in anime. Besides, Ryuuga isn't really a bad guy, anymore, he's just mad for power.
Awww...I really wanted him to go brave ver..... >=O
still its good his colors changed