MF-H Death __ B:D

MF-H Death __ BGrin
This combo was actually abused in tournaments in my area.
The main reason to it being popular is that it has high defense along with a mix of decent stamina, it could pretty much win every match, its very hard to defeat.
My team was destroyed by this combo, almost every other team in tag team used it.

It destroyed MF-H Phantom Cygnus W145WD
MF-H Flash Horogium GB145R2F
MF-H Duo Aquario 230MB
I actually totally agree with someone making a thread for this combo (Death and B: D are well known anti-spin-stealer parts), but you do need test results to give a good idea of how effective it is. Hearing it did well at a tournament is certainly interesting, though.
As Ingulit said you will need to post some tests. I might be able to understand that it could beat some of the combos listed that it apparently "destroyed" but Flash losing to this surprises me. Was the user good with attack? It's nice for this combo to finally have a thread, but I wish it wasn't lacking tests needed.

Whoa whoa whoa I didn't even see that before

Flash should knock this into next Tuesday, lol; while I understand it beat it in a tournament, I'd call that a fluke.
Wow... This ting beat flash??? One second...

Would hades possiblely make a difference on the combo? Tho I do remember battleing. This comb at a tournament. It defeated my dragoon bahamdia sp230gf for some reason I could not sway it out one.ko. it pretty interesting though later after the tournament it battled the death combo again this. This time with my. MF- L death hades th170 wd and cleanly won against it