Los Angeles Tournament Report: This Ain’t Plastic

First of all, thanks to Jojo, Alta, and  ThaKingTai for hosting a really fun event. 

This is a nice change of pace as it is a MFB standard tournament.  And I think it has been a year since the last one.  As usual I will report on what I played and what MitchJett played.  Also I will try to add in something for parents like me.  I won’t be able to get into strategy too much as I really don’t know the format very well.  Don’t stay for any high level format breakdown.

I finished 2nd and Mitchjett 5th running the following combos throughout the tournament.

MSF-H Genbu Genbu E230MB
MSF-L (Killerken/Wyvang) Dragoon BD145RDF
MF-H Duo Cygnus SA165(normal)EWD
MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang H145RF
MSF-L Killerken Dragoon B:D
MF-H Flash Beelzeb W145MF

We had a 11 players round robin (much smaller turn out than our normal Burst tournaments). As the day went on Mitchjett and I mostly started spamming Wyvang/Killerken Dragoon and Genbu Genbu.  Mitchjett particularly like the Genbu Genbu E230MB set up.  I think that is very good combo for younger kids.  We never really played MFB before so everything is new to us.  I can’t really comment on the combos that we played against because I simply don’t know most of their names.  

I had a lot of help with building our combos, big thanks to Wombat, Cake, Zyeyo, The Supreme One, Alta, Kevo, and many others. Their knowledge was sufficient to help two complete amateurs do pretty well in their very 1st MFB tournament.  

Ultimately I lost in the finals to Alta because I couldn’t OS his Wyvang Dragoon BD145EWD.  I resorted to throwing the kitchen sink at it trying for knock outs with every random thing I had in the deck (deck list will be posted).  It was successful for a while but ultimately the better player rightfully won.  

Congrats to Alta for going 12-0 and winning the Tournament!  
Kudos to Ultimate Master for competing in the Tournament with a cast on!  She had a good finish with one arm!  

For Parents:
I actually started to buy metal fight beyblades after Burst.  I originally did this because I was sick and tired of putting bursted beys back together after a 4 and 6 yo’s epic battles. I actually started to learn about beyblades so I CAN put them back together LOL.  It’s really nice to play some metal fight especially for younger kids as younger kids may not be able to assemble a bursted bey.  But be cautious that these metal fight beys can cause injuries if you get hit by one.  Make sure the kids keep their head and faces far away.
Nice job to both of you! Cool to see new people getting into MFB even now.