Los Angeles Tournament Report: Mandala Beybclash #1

(I am going change the way I do these reports a bit.  I hope to get these reports to be a bit more concise and to the point.  I will try to point out 1 or 2 key things that I observed instead of attempting to give you my perspective on the meta)

1st of all, thank you to poliswag for hosting and Toy Mandala for providing the venue. Toy Mandala is an awesome toy/collectible that actually carries TT beyblades!  Please check it out if you ever get the chance.  It is super nice to be out of the sun in the summer time.  

Nothing shocking about Wyvang Dragoon BD145RDF doing well at this tournament.  Now that I have some experience with every generation of beyblade, I cannot say I know of any other combination across the generations that offer attack, defense, stamina and spin equalization to the same degree this combo does.  My knowledge certainly has holes so I may have missed something.  This combo does more than a bit of everything. 

With that said, the combo that got me and Mitchjett to 1st and 4th was actually primarily Genbu Genbu 90EWD.  Great stamina, great in opposite spin, and recoil that can KO the attacker (or yourself...).  Lots of double KOs with this one.  It performed very well for us.  If you are interested in this combo I highly recommend reading The Supreme One’s excellent thread here:


Thanks for reading