[London, UK] Official Event Interest Thread

Hello London Bladers, We have an event happening next Saturday on the 12th at Regent's Park! The sign up page is below!

We've got our last event for the summer coming up in just 1 WEEK! This has been the most frequently I have ever hosted events thus far and it has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who has joined us this summer and i hope you can come join us for this last one as well! Events will continue but just less. They'll be in line with Half terms and Holidays.

Sign up here - https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Great-B...ly--108956

Don't forget about the new generation, Beyblade X! We'll soon start having events for that format as soon as it seems that enough people have their hands on them. The sooner people show interest and have the beys the sooner London and the UK can jump into the X format!