Lets Talk About School

My school is pretty sane, but I guess its because we are apart of a sane Californian school district. Other school districts sound whack and corrupted, honestly
(Sep. 10, 2019  4:07 AM)Aadi Lui Wrote: Around 20 students got suspended for a gang war. Class 8 vs Class 9. A 8th student crashed into a 9th student and both started bashing each other. 😀😀

Ye to India ki alag hi baat hai!!😂😂😂

(Yesterday  2:22 AM)Infinite.Zero Wrote: Math test on Monday. The stress is real.

Same here. That Damn Quadrilateral
today I had school disco. Got a icy-pole but not worth it.You know why? People who didn't go got to play computer games Unhappy
At my school, I'm made fun of a lot for being too skinny by the football players. and to me, everyone else classes are long my classes are 40 minutes with 8 classes a day 5 minutes passing time and 35 minutes lunch
I hated technology at my old school.
I had done the programming language they thought years ago and they wouldn’t let me do advanced things. It was annoying.