Legend of the beys, tournament (cancelled till further notice)

ok, ive been pondering weither to do this or not and i have finnaly decided to do so. if anyone else decides to host this for me they can if they are responsable enough, if omega does decide he will do it insted of me and gets everything sent to kai-v then his will be of higher priority than mine. that doesnt mean to say i wont work hard to get this running, with my past experience of fails and one success i am going to use all the knowlege i have to pull this off, and the first step is to bring it back to Lincoln Park. my past two fails were held at Queen Victoria gardens and the other fail i was sick and at a badly planed location. i know my first location wont work as that had support from two websites and was mainly consisted of locals, but this is beydays, we want a location that we know can get the best bladers in melbourne. now, because my buget is at an all time low, i have decided small but decent prizes to work for this tournament that will have to be bought after the tournament has been held. i will not let anyone else buy the prizes unless they will have them on hand on the day at the tournament. i am also going to do an experiment, "The Blader's Statistics" where every beyblade combo will be put down on a list by the Judge of each block and at the end of the tournament, i will compirise a list of every part used and create a graph showing the most popular parts. i will not post the combos, only the parts and their popularity. this experement is to see witch beyblade parts are the most popular in Melbourne and witch are the least, cause this requires the cooperation of everyone, and combos will not be taken down till after the battle. now with that all out of the way, here is the details for the tournament.

name: Legend of the Beys
date: 27/5/2012
time: 12:00-1:25 sighn up tournament starts 1:30 on the dot, you come at 1:31 and you will not compete unless 24 hours prior notified.
location: Lincoln Park, Essendon
cost: because of beydays and it's new rule, no cost to any blader will be needed, though passports can still be purchased. remember, you and any competetor that enters must have an account or must give me their details to send to the mods to create one for you. i may have wireless internet for the computer im using during the day and an account can be set up on the day.
prizes: 3rd: beyblade keyring
2nd: hasbro meteo l-drago Assult
1st: Shinobi Saramanda or Pirate Orjya zero-g booster (your choose)
Judges (im going to be strict on these, only respected bladers can take these potions):
confirmed members:


please come and help make this a great beydays. remeber, there must be atleast 8 CONFIRMED bladers for this to be official and as always, let your Beysprit shine!

were do u register for the tournament do u register on the day of the tournament or before?
you say that you are coming or might be coming on this topic before the day, then come, normally pay the entry fee but in this case, only if you want a passport, then i will write you down on the list of people who have entered. so basicly, you say you want to come here then regester on the day.

ps: come on guys ive got 6 days to get 7 people, i know ill be able to get rayquazonX but that still leaves 1 person per day and i need these people before the day to get it official, so then we can make this a beydays tournament.

edit: date change, got something else on saturday.
Sure Im in Grin Just dont make it fail again Uncertain
(May. 21, 2012  10:59 AM)Swany10 Wrote: Sure Im in Grin Just dont make it fail again Uncertain

The last tournament failed due to lack of people, not because of Giraton.
and lack of a stadium. i might finally have one by then as i got the balence/stamina stadium from sydney off e-bay yesterday, though i would rather attack so bring whatever you can.

edit: hey, can anyone make a poster and put copies of it around the place, particularly the tournament's location? it would really help. also i got my stadium.
ok guys, ill have to cancel this for the time being. omega is planing one and as i said before his over rule mine. sorry for any incovinience, like there was one, only me and swanny were going anyway. i may use this topic again for any futre tournaments i may have.