Legalise It: A Plastics Ruling Megathread

Heyo, so I'm making a bulk post for rule updates for Plastics. Trying to cover everything so a single update can be done to the rulebook, or to aid with an addendum for more specialised rulings - which I think is a great idea and am, as ever, happy to provide thoughts on (for better or worse, whether asked or not 😉). 
In part I'm doing this because it's been bugging me for years - it was actually something I was working on right up to my departure and never really let go, and in part because the generation is unranked and I am hoping we can perhaps be a little more permissive - or at least, I'm hoping you can keep in mind that a big part of what makes Plastics unique and appealing is the broad range of bizarre customizations it allows for - it's the soul food of Beyblade. At least, I'd like to think so. Maybe I'm waxing lyrical.

Pictures or further detail can be provided as requested.
I will cover the following:
Hidden Spirits - Hayate AR/BB, Zeo AR/BB, Griffolyon/Salamalyon BB
SAR Inversion
WD Inversion
Interchangeable Shafts and Removable Tips
Gyro EG Launch Protocol
Gyro EG Stop Protocol
Gyro EG Bearings
Jumping Base/Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft Tip Swaps
Explicit Ruling on Hasbro Power Spirit Bit Chip
Parts with Removable Balls
General Part Stress Rule+Structural Integrity+Floor Damage
Storm Grip Base Tip Inversion
Intended Tips
Rebounds from Pockets

Added After Original Post:
Base Clip Interchangeability
Mold 1 Magne WD

Hidden Spirits

Hayate AR:
There is no indication Hayate AR, or any other Hidden Spirit Part is supposed to be banned. The packaging literally shows it being used with a Dragoon base as well as with its own and says you can do so, and that it can be launched with the base it comes with, a copy of which can be seen here:
I wholeheartedly believe the AR at least was meant to be legal. This one is the most important thing on this list because said AR is very, very powerful for left spin smash. It's right up the top alongside the biggest, meanest ARs out there, it's one of the most explosive ARs of the generation (I swear it knows it is banned and is mad as hell about it, and it's also quite affordable and works well on the similarly affordable Defense Grip Base (seaborg, dragoon s and one of the bakutenryū bros and you're swinging for the fences). As such, I would argue very, very aggresively in its favour from a game health perspective.

Hayate Weight Ring/BB:
In addition, there's no evidence that Weight Ring and the dumb as hell BB are meant to be banned either, and having used them, I don't believe it's harmful to have them legal - they're bad, but they do stay together well enough, and the assembly is honestly less jank than Auto Change Balancer. Yes, they're incredibly bad. But honestly the Hasbro one is not really any worse than Jumping Base (Trygle) Edit: it is better than Jumping Base (Trygle). There's little reason to ban usable parts, and there are actually worse legal setups than even the Takara version - there are technically things involving different SGcs in jumping base (trygle ver) and SG jumping base which are actually unusable yet technically legal, and there's no way to really rule this out because various bases operate with modes that cause their shafts to not touch the stadium floor, but instead their bases). The box does say "it can be used" - no further context is provided though.

Griffolyon and Salamalyon BB (ARs already legal):
Griffolyon and Salamalyon for their part were marketed as regular releases in all marketing material and the spin up guide books (see photos here: | ), there is absolutely no doubt in my mind they were intended to be legal. Griffolyon's base even has its own gimmick of a semi free spinning shaft. It sucks yeah but it's a legit part. They are also included in parts lists Takara released.

Bakutenryū Zeo and Aveiron
Zeo and Aveiron are so late to the scene that there's no evidence either way, but their parts are interesting nonetheless and that point Takara wasn't doing goofy side lines that much - they also rereleased Griffolyon and Salamalyon in new colours as Bakutenryū Etanzel and Donitrus - note, Bakutenryū in the name which we generally consider means "banned per hidden spirits rulings", yet exactly like beys that were undoubtedly (IMO) legal. As such, I don't think these were banned either. uncommon, but not banned.
This again has competitive relevance - the Attack Ring is fantastic for Right Spin Smash, with relatively well controlled recoil and a tonne of power, easily good enough for the CC list.
The Blade Base is better than the shape suggests - the tip shape is very nice.

The counterargument for Hayate etc and Aveiron/Zeo is that they do not appear in a number of lists of Beyblade releases from Takara, and do not have parts lists and stats on the box (which even Bearing Gyros has). They do have their own storyline as well. However they were released with the Beyblade logo, branding, and were not explicitly banned by Takara that I can find from web archives, and function as regular tops for launching and battling. I suspect the confusion may have been with Hasbro's spinning spirits line (the figures on the top) or power spirits line, or their illegality with the figures attached. However, I Ask You: Let People Use Their Parts. We're unranked anyway.
My proposal is thus: Remove the hidden spirits ban rule entirely. #FreeHayate #FreeHiddenSpirits

It may be worth noting figure attachment is banned, wording:
You may not launch Hidden Spirits parts with figures attached.

A rule could be added to ban Weight Ring and Hayate Base but this in unnecessary IMO. If a rule is added to do such, a proposed wording:

The Weight Ring and Blade Base of Bakutenryū Hayate, Zinrai, Raiden and Shin Hayate and their Hasbro counterparts are not legal for competitive play.
By the way, per the current ruling, we have banned 8 Balance (Griffolyon), 8 Wide (Salamalyon), Revolver Attack (Bakuten Henkei Gaia Dragoon), 10 Wide (Zeo), 10 Heavy (Aveiron), as they are technically "Parts of hidden spirits beyblades". Yes I realise I'm being a pedant here, but it's funny to me, and honestly based on at least one thread I've seen in this subforum I don't trust people not to rules lawyer it to hell.

We were actually looking at doing this before I left, to the point that Hayate AR is on the CC list and has been for years now. Oopsie!

SAR Inversion:
Now, I'm honestly not sure if this is intended (while Great Tiger and SG Wing Base look to be the same SAR flipped, they're actually a little different). However, it also isn't technically illegal at the moment, not under Takaras rules, and could make for interesting use cases. We already flip WD's (though I am asking for clarification on this below), so why not? The game impact isn't huge, as War Bear doesn't stay in place in these orientations and Screw Zeus doesn't fit with anything larger than Heavy, though it does allow it to be a half decent force smash AR in left, and more useful albeit still a novelty on SG Wing Base - Screw Zeus is as usual a special case though.
May end up being better against circle survivor defense but I haven't tested that much.
Defensively it may let things like Galmans SAR find a little more use.
This would nonetheless benefit from a unified Part Stress rule as below, as that covers all Screw Zeus shenanigans.

There is a tenuous precedent for this: Hasbro's Guardian Driger box shows the SAR reversed. Note that the instructions show it the normal way. Here are images for reference:

Wording (Edited from Attack Rings with Sub Attack Rings):
First off, change the Section Name to "Attack Rings and Blade Bases with Sub-Attack Rings" because SG Wing Base exists.
Attack Rings and Blade Bases with Sub-Attack Rings (Plastic)
You may not use an Attack Ring or Blade Base which has a slot for a Sub-AR without using a Sub-AR.
You may use the Sub-AR from one AR or BB with a different AR or BB.
You may invert the Sub-AR, as long as doing so does not cause undue stress on any part of the Beyblade.

Or (☹️):

Attack Rings and Blade Bases with Sub-Attack Rings (Plastic)
You may not use an Attack Ring or Blade Base which has a slot for a Sub-AR without using a Sub-AR.
You may use the Sub-AR from one AR or BB with a different AR or BB.
You may not invert the Sub-AR.

Weight Disk Inversion:
This is generally accepted to be totally fine. It does affect how freely things spin and allows Twin Horn and other ARs to somewhat cover Wide Defense's protrusion and have it line up with other contact points. It might be nice to clarify this however.
Wording (Addendum to Weight Disk section):
You may place Weight Disks either side upwards.
Or (pls no):
You may only place Weight Disks concave side upwards.

Interchangeable Shafts and Removable Tips
The issue we have here is that we're not clear enough on what these are - for one thing, we need to clarify shafts alongside Tips. There are also a few tips that are classified with their Blade Base that have always been considered interchangeable (Customize Grip Base, SG Grip Base, Magne Flat Base), as well as SG Grip Change Base's tip. Not allowing this prevents the use of other tips in Customize Grip Base in particular, which is super important for Zombies and Defensive Zombies.
In addition, while laid out differently and much more limited in what it can be used with, the same physical design applies to Volcano Change Base - it does not have the same retention mechanism even for its own tip, but it does work with SG Grip Base tip (that's Wolborg 03 (Uriel), for those playing at home). The only reason I suggest that at all is that SG Grip Base's tip fits exactly the same and just as securely as the original - the shaft contacts the magnet in the SG. Keeping in mind Volcano Change Base's lower section is physically attached to the SG, not the BB. It's weird but it also has some merit, and is an okay attack setup without being tall (Uriel's tip is generally outclassed by CGB's but it's on par with like, Storm Grip and better than Fantom Grip IMO, so having more weird ways to use it is nice)

Here is a pic - it looks goofy, but so do a lot of legal things, and keep in mind - it is functionally 100% analogous to Volcano Change Base's standard configuration.
Keep in mind these two seem janky but the main thing is that Volcano Change Base is essentially the same as any of the other removable tip bases from a tip perspective, it just doesn't fit well and the base lacks a retention mechanism (even for its own tip), but design wise they're close enough that I've had to classify them as separate parts for weights.
As for the other ones, they're literally designed with their dimensions to be interchangeable, and the bases are all related.

Wording (should be quite modular, if you want to remove Dranzer V stuff for example):
Interchanging Blade Base Tips and Shafts (Plastic)
You may not interchange tips from Blade Bases in which the tip is considered to be the same part as the BB. Two examples of this are Driger S’s SG Metal Change and Dragoon S’s SG Storm Grip.
You may interchange tips and shafts when they are considered to be part of the Spin Gear, or an independent part, such the tips of Dragoon V2's Customize Grip Base, Dragoon V's Magne Flat Base, Uriel 2's SG Grip Change Base, Wolborg 03 (Uriel)'s SG Grip Base). In the case of SG Grip Change Base, the tip may be inserted into the Casings of Wolborg 2's (Bearing Version 2) to be used as a tip. In the case of SG Grip Base, the tip may be inserted into a Magnecore SG using Dranzer V's Volcano Change Base

Gyro EG Launch Protocol:
Gyro EG has three launch modes noted in its instructions: The first is to use only the Engine Gear and place the beyblade. This allows for left spin use without a launcher - the ruling for this would be the same as MAMS. I also clarified it has to be upright as you could use one of the gimmick but chips to place it upside down if you were an absolute buffoon.
The second is a regular launch (which can be done with or without the stopper switch engaged, though the latter is awful)
The third is a combination of the two, and this one requires its own ruling not linked to MAMS. For this, the winder can be inserted into the EG to rev it, and then the beyblade is launched as normal. This requires two ripcords. I would propose that the base launch be done at the start of the countdown and the regular launch at the end of the countdown as normal.
Flame Pegasus' Gyro Engine Gear may be launched in one of three ways.
If using only a launcher, the Beyblade is to be launched in line with standard launch protocol.
If only using the Engine Gear to launch without a launcher, you must place the Beyblade at the Tornado Ridge of the BeyStadium in an upright position. If the BeyStadium does not have a Tornado Ridge, you must place it approximately 3cm from the edge of the BeyStadium wall.
If using both the Engine Gear and a launcher, the Engine Gear must be spun during the countdown, and the Beyblade launched during the word "shoot!" as normal.

Gyro EG Stop Protocol:
This needs basic clarification. Two options - when the bottom has stopped (probably intended) or when both parts have stopped. The top part generally stops first and will stop a few times during various matchups.
Proposed Wording: Gyro Engine Gear combinations are considered to have stopped spinning when the bulk of the Beyblade, that is, the Engine Gear, stops spinning.
Alternative Wording: Gyro Engine Gear combinations are considered to have stopped spinning when both the Engine Gear and Attack Ring/Gyro Stopper Section stop spinning.

Gyro EG Bearings:
The second Bearing of Gyro EG is behind a very hard to budge blue spacer. The shaft can be removed from the tip to allow access to this, however. While it is possible this is meant to prevent accessing the bearing, being able to exchange it makes the base much more usable. As such, while clarification would be nice, I do not think this should be explicitly banned. Technically this may fall foul in the same way MAMS bottom bearing does (though MAMS bans changes to both bearings), so despite my concern about unwittingly getting something cool banned, I am bringing it to the committee's attention. Here is a couple pictures of the positioning and parts (I have already replaced mine): | )
It is worth noting that this may have some competitive relevance in stadia with pockets, as the lower part - the bulk of the beyblade, can continue spinning even if the rest is stuck. I don't think this will break the game (and if it does it just shows why spinning in pockets is lame), but stopping it would have an impact on something potentially interesting!
Wording: Technically no change required here, unless a ban is required. In which case it can possibly be rolled into the MAMS section. Actually, may be worth allowing swapping the top bearing of MAMS i.e. only applying the ban to the bottom one. Don't hurt nothin'. But HMS is a very different generation to plastics.

Jumping Base tips on Neo SG (Double Bearing Version)

See This Picture for fit:
The Tips of Jumping Base work perfectly with BK's SG and has some very interesting if not truly competitive results. BK's doesn't fit on straight on Jumping Base however, as it has a ridge inside of it, seen in the picture. Hasbro's BK releases are welded shut so this doesn't work with them (they also cut the edge off Seaborg and Dragoon S's tip though, so they clearly hate fun).
While I don't know if it was intended (it's an absolutely perfect fit though), it's quite interesting and a fun customization, and would be nice to have legalised - for Jumping Base they are considered interchangeable tips rather than part of the SG, so it mostly depends on interpretation of BK's SG Shaft. I know this is extremely dumb, but I love it dearly. There's a chance the flat tip could work for SSUA, too.
Wording (addendum to tip section)
The lower tip part of Burning Kerberous' Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft may also be swapped with the tips of Jumping Base.

Explicit Ruling on Hasbro Power Spirit Bit Chip

This one:
While I don't own this part, there was a pretty curt discussion about it here, and I agree with Brad's sentiments
While the packaging doesn't specifically forbid it, the Bit Chip does not fit with launchers unless it is inverted and placed inside a Heavy Metal Core. It was very currently clearly not meant to be used.
Wording: The Bit Chip from Hasbro Power Spirits accessories was not intended for and is not legal for competitive play.

Parts with Removable Balls
Currently we have no clarification on the number of balls allowed in each base or part that supports removable metal balls. There are two types and this needs to be specified (1/4" and 3/16", both steel) These are as such:

Metal Ball Base 6 Ball Config:
For Reference: Balls.
Metal Ball Base has two additional holes for balls at the bottom of the base, and balls can be removed from here by removing the SG, which provides holes to poke them out. As opposed to SG Metal Ball Base (more on that in a moment), Metal Ball Base holds these very securely, and this is detailed in spin up guide book vol 1 (admittedly, the one with all the jank stuff).
It's worth noting due to stamina impact of weight that centred, this doesn't directly outclass 4 Balls.

SG Metal Ball Base 4 Ball Maximum: While some metal balls will hold in the 4 holes on the underside of the base, some do not, and may become dislodged. This represents a significant safety hazard, thus needs to be explicitly banned.

Fortress Base: Fortress Base only fits 2 balls unmodified. It also has issues with using other SGs with Wide series weight disks which allow the balls to exit the SG, potentially escaping the Beyblade. Please see structural integrity ruling proposal below.

SG (Grease Ball Version): only fits 1 Ball maximum

G Special Base (Gaia Dragoon): Capable of holding 4 small metal balls (3/16"). Should either be used with all or none - the latter just to allow people who have lost the balls to use it. No additional Balls can be used safely. In addition, if not using SG (G Ball Version), no balls should be used as they can exit the Beyblade and fly out, possibly injuring an eye.

SG (G Ball Version): no harm in allowing it to be used without a ball. Only the one underneath though, as a small one in the top of it may fly out.


You may not insert metal balls into parts not designed to hold them. This includes the centre of a Heavy Metal Core.
For those parts which are designed to hold them, the following rulings apply:
Metal Ball Base (Draciel Metal Ball Defenser): You may use zero, two or four 1/4" Steel Balls in the pockets, as well as an optional additional two 1/4" Steel Balls in the holes on the underside of the Base.
SG Metal Ball Base (Draciel S): You may use zero, two or four 1/4" Steel Balls in the pockets only. No additional Balls are permitted.
Fortress Base (Draciel F): You may use zero or two 1/4" Steel Balls in the pockets only, no additional Balls are permitted.
G Special Base (Gaia Dragoon): You may use zero or four 3/16" Steel Balls in the pockets. If not using SG (G Ball Version), you may not use Balls in the pockets.
SG (G Ball Version): You may use zero or one 3/16" Steel Balls in the holder underneath the SG Core Part.

General Part Stress and Structural Integrity Rule + Stadium Floor Damage:

One of the most important matters on here for covering bases and adding some important clarification but also probably the least controversial (as it is sort of already there), and one which I think could help simplify the rulebook somewhat if executed correctly. 

The ruling about Screw Zeus and stress should be replaced by a general stress rule. This would cover things such as inverting Upper Attack SP (which can be done by forcing on a slightly small 6 Heavy WD, but even then bend outward slightly, stressing the BB, and use of Wolborg 2's shaft in Customize Bearing Base (which tears up the sides of the tip and puts stress on the BB while inside and during insertion), as well as putting metal balls in the SG Core or places they don't fit naturally.This would be a catch all with an inverted SAR rule as well, and cover any other SP inversion that isn't intended. I think this one is simple common sense.
While the System Incompatibility section touches on this, it's murky and I think this is a better way to clarify this specific matter.

In addition, a structural integrity rule is an overarching rule covering things like "don't just chuck metal balls in there" and tips being held on by magnetic force without a shaft. It basically is a catch-all to prevent any dangerous ideas. It also deals with a safety issue with Fortress Base - if using a Wide series Weight Disk, balls can exit the pockets quite easily.

Finally, a rule about not damaging stadium floor just covers us for anything whack that people may come up with - for example, it settles the discussion of inverting driger s's tip, for example. 

Combinations must not be put together in a way which places undue stress on their parts. Examples of this would be inverting Driger V2's Upper Attack SP and forcing on a weight disk, forcing Wolborg 2' SG (Bearing Version 2) tip into Burning Kerberous' Customize Bearing Base, or using White Gabriel G's version of Twin Horn with Zeus' Screw Zeus. 
Combinations must also not pose significant risk of disassembly in their use - such as balls which can fly out of the base during the course of normal play, or parts only held on by force outside of normal design, including by magnetism only.

Combinations must not be assembled in a way which intentionally causes damage to the playing surface.

Remove "The same rule applies etcetc" from the System Incompatibility Section, as well as the Screw Zeus section - also, "Twin Horn G" isn't a part name. As far as we've ever found (and correct me if I'm wrong) it's just Twin Horn, and we generally append (Hasbro) for clarity. Hasbro generally don't acknowledge their own bizarre decisions like that.

You could also specify not using the small sized bit chips with ARs that have sustained damage keeping them in place, to prevent any silly ideas on using it as shrapnel in the stadium - crazy stuff but hey, could add it to the end there.

Storm Grip Base Tip Inversion
This one is a common mod and a common question, and is even in spin up guide book vol 1 (the jank one). However, it seems that the majority of storm grip bases cannot retain the tip when inverted. This makes for an interesting issue as it may not technically be illegal, even with a structural integrity rule - which means some setups can do it and some can't. This one may need to be specified. Personally I've not owned one that fit, though I have one or two more on the way. But when I tacked one in place to try it was real fun. I don't want to get it banned honestly, but the question keeps being asked. Other people do have some that fit (eg Dan).

Intended Tip Rule
While not strictly necessary, this rule could help as an overarching indicator, covering inversion in general. It also rules out silly things like putting other shafts in trygle's base that don't touch the floor - basically tidying up some stuff! Awkwardly though, seaborg would need an exception (but honestly I still believe Takara did intend to invert that, there's no need for the molding it has otherwise).

The primary contact point of a Beyblade with the stadium floor must be with a parr of the Beyblade originally intended to be used as a tip.
For the purpose of this rule, the circular flat tip section of Seaborg's Defense Grip Base Tip is considered a tip as well as the sharp rubber point.

The good thing about this ruling is it still allows spiral change base to be used without its own SG as the hole-flat at the bottom was an intended tip.


I'm only posting this part quickly as I worry it's going to detract from the focus of the thread, but stadiums which allow rebounds mean the big boy attackers just pelt themselves with compacts. This is awful in the hasbro one. I would like to see a back-of-pocket-is-a-KO rule for Plastics, as almost all original stadia were pocketless (barring Hasbro and some gimmick stadia). If elaboration is wanted I can provide more, I only have the hasbro burst pro stadium for reference, and it's horrendous, like, actually sickening to use attack in and watch a compact just knock it into a pit after flying out of one, because by design compacts don't lose much spin. Videos I've seen of Burst standard with plastics also make me uneasy. However, I also see this turning into a very difficult discussion and would rather focus on the rest of the aspects of this - call me selfish, but any time I play plastics it's going to be in Tornado Attack anyway, there's not a lot of motivation for me to argue this one. 

So, that's everything. A lot, I know, but I'm trying to cover every last base I can think of so I don't have to bug anyone further. Hopefully. As above, more details and explanations are available by request :)

<3 ~ th!nk

I am adding a couple more things in here that have come to mind:

Explicit Legalisation of Base Clip Switching
This is super obvious, but in any addendum it should be listed that Base Clips are interchangeable with each other, and EG Blade Base Clips are interchangeable between each other.

Base Clips: You may interchange Base Clips between Blade Bases. In addition, you may interchange Engine Gear Blade Base Clips between Engine Gear Blade Bases.

Mold 1 Magne WD
I was considering asking for legalisation of using Magne WD without the buffers, but given they are ferrous magnets, I suspect they may potentially be prone to shattering. However, due to how easily the surrounds of mold 1 magne wd's detach, and the fact they are held in place via adhesive, I think it would be fair to allow replacement of the adhesive, as long as it does not affect the performance of the part (which would be hard to do).

Wording: It is not legal to use Magne Weight Disk without the Plastic Surrounds. It is legal to replace the adhesive holding the surrounds in place to reattach them.

Explicit Legalisation of SG Core Swaps

Again, a given, but may be worth clarifying in an addendum. It also should cover the Regular SG Weight Ring - I believe it is a part that has a slot thus must be used like a Sub-AR, especially as it adds to balance, but this is very debatable. However, a general rule that you must fill all places for parts on an SG also covers Metal Driger's Right SG (Heavy Metal Core) without a core piece.

Wording: You must fill all slots on a Spin Gear. It is legal to change Cores and Casings between Spin Gears as long as they fit correctly.

This wording is a little rough and may need some revision for clarification - I may edit it later.
^ Thanks, I've had a long time to think about it.

I've just added two more things - one for an addendum, just to explicitly legalise base clip switching, and one about Mold 1 Magne WD, as the adhesive on all of them will eventually fail, but I also don't believe they should be legal without their surrounds due to their material presenting a risk of shattering. I also provided an example of the use of the structural integrity rule, around Fortress Base with balls and wide weight disks.

EDIT: I have just updated the notes to further emphasise how Volcano Change Base is analogous design-wise to the rest of them, as well as noting that Zeo Attack Ring is also competitive for Right Spin Smash (it's really, really good). I have also added a new section for explicit SG Core switching and using all available slots on an SG.
I have found an admittedly weak but nonetheless extant precedent for SAR flips. Hasbro's Guardian Driger box shows the unique SAR (it's a little different to SG wing base/great dragon's) reversed. Note that the instructions show it the normal way. I acknowledge this is on the tenuous side, but nonetheless I think it's worth mentioning.

Images in question:

I have edited this into the post.

I've also just noticed a few more pages of the spin up guide book vol 2 talking about Hayate and co, and there's no indication of any kind of competitive ban or the beys themselves being considered any different to a regular one - just the discussion of finding ways to attach a figure to a beyblade. The only difference noted is that they don't appear in the anime or manga.
I have updated the OP to fix an error on my part - steel ball bearings are measured by diameter. In this case they are 1/4" and 3/16" (which explains why my assumption the smaller ones were 0.5g didn't match the actual weights). My bad on that one, something I forgot over time.

Also, on another goofy note, I regret to inform you that our rules currently apparently ban all parts of Dragoon V, as Hasbro listed it as having a Hidden Spirits release. This means all bladers who have used Neo Left casings, myself included, have in fact technically cheated, I guess.

I also have a few other things I am working on ruling questions for as well, but they will require some additional work. Sorry to be piling some things on late, but as I've been going back through things, I've found more things I want to raise/think are worth raising explicitly.