LakeSide BeyBattles Report

Hello fellow tournament hosts! This is my first report so bear with me haha. I got to the location at 9:45, before I was even done with set up my first attendee arrived. When I was done with set up I looked down at my laptop and about 5 more had arrived in an instant. at about 10:55 the last two showed up, both were judges. We finally got started at 11:30 with our block round robin format. The finals started at around 1:30 we had 6 bladers in the finals, 2 from each block. The finals were done at 2:30 having Fang Wolf emerge victorious yet again with an overall record of 7-2 I think. This was my smoothest tournament so far running with 13 bladers and lasting about 3 hours. Sadly fury saggiterio and his about 6 other attendees could not make it due to him being sick Unhappy. LMAO could not make it which I was told through text on my way to the tournament haha. And Coach could not make it which was a true disappointment. As stated before this was a very smooth running tournament, I only had to step into 2 battles that needed higher judging. Well thats it haha.
Out of curiosity, what were the two instances where you had to provide "higher judging" ?
I think it was when a blader had launched his bey to see if the stadium was level or not, and did not want to use that bey, the problem was he was already in a stalling clause.
This sounds nice. Hopefully one day I can join you at these epic LakeSide Bey battles! If I ever go to Michigan...