Lack of Manners

(Aug. 28, 2013  5:14 AM)Kai Hiwatari Wrote: When I was 12 years old, I joined Beyblade Spirit Forums, and absolutely loved the community and it will always be my favorite Beyblade site/forums due to the knowledge I gained and the people I connected with. I feel that if I was 12 years old and joined this community today, I would be very disappointed and would probably not want to continue to visit the forums due to the how rude some of the posts can be.
Beyblade Spirit Forums had it's fair share of controversy, mind, however the community was a lot smaller then(1,700)? and I suppose it had that kind of "togetherness". Unles you're running on nostalgia I think the WBO is in better shape. We always had these concerns popping up back then, also Beyblade Spirit when initially opened focused on non-beyblade product discussion so there was a regular flow of chit-chat, that's probably why you felt more comfortable.

Though I do believe Ty Kamara got it spot on with the way they handled the community, the team was always extremely professional.
That post is a year old lol