[LTD] RB/RF Comparison

Omega RB/RF Comparison
Hey guys, so I noticed a lot of talk of banning RB due to its ability to be used as a safe attack option that has the potential to OS defense. I decided to do some test to see for myself if the part is as good as everyone says.

Parts choice

The Test
I'm not sure about others opinions but would you mind changing the thread to RB/RF comparison instead of Omega RB/RF comparison? I noticed others using other combinations trying to utilize RB or RSF for attack such as Lightning. Although glad someone made a thread for this. Here are some of my results that I posted in the Limited Banlist Thread.

(Aug. 29, 2015  5:36 PM)Thunder Dome Wrote: Okay I did some comparison tests between RB/RSF and RF. Before anyone says anything yes I did use Screw, I do not currently own an Omega so I couldn't test that. Although this still should give a pretty good comparison between RB, RSF and RF. Libra was launched first in every test.

Part Breakdown

MF-H Libra GB145 CS Wrote:MF-H Screw Horuseus 85 RB vs MF-H Libra GB145 CS
Screw: 7 (7 KO, 0 OS)
Libra: 13 (13 OS, 0 KO)
RB Win Percentage: 35%
Detailed Results

Okay RB did alright I guess. Still it wasn't very consistent though and just couldn't get the knock out's some times. I think it might've got one late game knock out, but for the most part if it didn't KO it within the first few hits it was over.

MF-H Screw Horuseus 85 RSF vs MF-H Libra GB145 CS
Screw: 4 (3 KO, 1 OS)
Libra: 16 (15 OS, 1 KO)
RSF Win Percentage: 20%
Detailed Results

Not very impressed by these results, it lacked the power to get consistent KO's most of the time.

MF-H Screw Horuseus 85 RF vs MF-H Libra GB145 CS
Screw:13 (13 KO, 0 OS)
Libra:7 (7 OS, 0 KO)
Screw Win Percentage: 65%
Detailed Results

So far RF looked Completely superior to RB and RSF. It was able to easily KO Libra, while the others did struggle a bit. Honestly if Libra didn't hit the wall so many times and my RF was in a bit better condition RF would've completed smoked it.

MF-H Libra 230 RS Wrote:MF-H Screw Horuseus 85 RB vs MF-H Libra 230 RS
Screw: 2 (2 KO, 0 OS)
Libra: 18 (18 OS, 0 KO)
RB Win Percentage: 10%
Detailed Results

Not even a chance. Not much else to say really. It just got completely destroyed, hardly ever had a chance of out spinning.

MF-H Screw Horuseus 85 RSF vs MF-H Libra 230 RS
Screw: 1 (1 KO, 0 OS)
Libra: 19 (19 OS, 0 KO)
RSF Win Percentage: 5%
Detailed Results

This was actual really painful to watch. RSF couldn't do anything. Couldn't move it and couldn't out spin it. It got one lucky knock out and that was it.

MF-H Screw Horuseus 85 RF vs MF-H Libra 230 RS
Screw: 3 (3 KO, 0 OS)
Libra: 17 (17 OS, 0 OS)
RF Win Percentage: 15%
Detailed Results

At least it could move 230 RS just a bit even if it only got one more win than RB. Although end the end Libra 230 RS destroyed all of these although it wasn't to surprising considering everything was on 85.

Win Percentage Comparison Wrote:Okay here is the comparison of win percentages after the tests
RB: 22.5 %
RSF: 12.5%
RF: 40%
RF definitely did the best almost doubling RB and almost quadrupling RSF.

Okay so after my testing my final thought is that RSF and RB don't really deserve a ban. I felt RF completely shredded both in terms of results and I feel that if anything RSF and RB seem quite over hyped considering the results. Hope everyone liked this post and hopefully this information helps in determining the limited ban list.
Hey would you mind if I put your results in the OP? Just so it's all in one place.
Yeah that's perfectly fine man. It would be really good for everyone if all the information was in the same place.

Thanks for the tests as well by the way.
Did you find it was hard for RSF to catch the Tornado Ridge, Thunder Dome? It never seemed to be the case with RB but it's always been an issue I've had, even with a pretty worn-down RSF, personally.

I don't think I'm going to close this, but I think rather than making a thread comparing the two, posting the results in the Limited Ban List Thread or the Limited tier-list discussion may have been a bit more fitting. Thank you for them nonetheless, Collin Smile

EDIT: Maybe you can share some of your thoughts on the bottoms, too http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-RB-and-R...Attack-LTD
Oh sorry about that, I wasn't even thinking about it at the time.