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~~~Phantom Discussion~~~


Hey guys! Welcome to the Limited Format discussion thread for Hasbro's Metal Fury Phantom Metal Wheel! To best compare Phantom to Earth and Burn, I've done multiple sets of mirror matches to make it clear whether or not wins/losses are being caused by the Metal Wheel itself as opposed to the CW/Track/Bottom.

I have a good amount of testing here, but we need more, so if you own Phantom, test away!

Quote:Recoil benchmarks:

Quote:Phantom testing:

Anyway, my honest opinion on Phantom, is that it's just too mediocre to be considered top-tier. It's not terrible by any means, it can be quite effective, but its recoil does pose a problem. IMO there really is no good reason to use it over Earth or Burn as far as Stamina goes.

Thanks for reading! Testing would be seriously appreciated. Grin
Although in my opinion the worse out of Scythe, Burn, Earth, and Duo, this thing isn't terrible. I'll do some tests hopefully this weekend.
I prefer Scythe, Burn and Earth over this. This thing won against my Duo... So that's why I never listed Duo. I agree, Phantom doesn't look like it will make tier. To me... It just looks like Scythe, Burn and Earth are gonna make it. Maybe they will be a time where Phantom may do better, but I don't thinks so.

Thanks for the testing.
Phantom has decent weight to it, but the distribution means pure stamina is probably not the place to use it. I'd like to see some attack tests to get an idea of how it does there, though I assume there is a reason we haven't seen much in terms of that (outside of MF).
Anyone remember MF-F Phantom Cancer AD145 RF?

We'd just switch AD145 with W145, and maybe MF or just keep RF on it. Plus, adding a Metal Face MIGHT help.
Yeah, I've never forgotten that beautiful, beautiful combo, but it only worked based on Phantom's ridiculous stamina and weight distribution, which the metal fury version lacks.
Oh yeah, I forgot that it was the flywheel effect that made that Phantom so deadly.

Yeah, basic RF attacker tests would be good for Phantom.
Hey guys I've been using phantom for low and high track defense actually. Phantom eonis 85/90 rsf and Phantom Eonis 230 CS work very well against even normal toptier combos which surprised me. This thing will do nothing as far as stamina but I personally think it should be tested for low and high track defense instead. If you can keep hits from making contact with the sides (hence the extreme track heights) then this could do great as defense instead
IIRC Galaxy made a thread for Phantom 85RB once upon a time, and it did decent (Cake re-tested it recently).

Problem is, the combo uses Phantom in Attack mode, where the upper edge is sloped and can brush attacks off relatively easily. IDK if Phantom would do too well locked in Stamina mode like this. :\

As for testing Phantom on RF, I really don't think that's too good of an idea. Its thin-spread weight and recoil-y shape make it extremely disadvantageous against most anything aggressive, similar to Burn, and I doubt it would have any valuable Attack power from what I've seen testing it (or benefit from an aggressive movement pattern for that matter), but if someone has it give it a try. I'd be interested if it actually worked. XD
Last Saturday, I got a couple of Phantom mirror-matches done for The Supreme One's thread, Phantom Cancer ED145WD, where as it didn't seem to do all that great against other Stamina-based wheels using the same tip and track. Here they are regardless, though: (Click to View)

On another note, I planned on making a thread relating to Phantom myself, not even originally noticing that this thread was made, haha. Therefore, would you like to use the banner I recently made, TheBlackDragon? Smile