[LTD] Bakushin discussion

Its stamina isn't really to the point it'd be competitive but it's not too bad, and its attack, well I don't see any tests but personally, it's only really enough for Anti-Attack rather than a serious attack wheel (also its main contact points look like they'd wear down pretty fast looking at the paint wear on mine), and personally I'd rather have Libra's huge weight than slightly more aggression, assuming access to a prime RF as Libra does need that. My 2c anyway.

Defensively speaking though, MF-H Bakushin Leone 90RSF is so much better than everything else I've tried for LTDC it's not even funny. I wish RSF didn't wear so fast though. Probably the best counter to the common Attack combos without using RF (LTAC still stand a good chance (though lightning can be weaklaunched against), but CH120 and up seem to really struggle with it), though I'd probably still use MF-H Libra CH120RF for overall utility while countering attack, myself.
Fake tests (Click to View)
WBO Committee: It was recently brought to our attention that all tests by Crescent in this topic are fabricated. We urge you to forget their results and that someone trustworthy conduct the actual tests for the sake of this metagame.
Thanks for that. Bull isn't that bad a clear wheel either, so outdoing it is reassuring. May want to note down gravity's spin direction and R145 orientation as well as how worn the RSF is though, I'm curious as those results are a little on the low side of what I expected personally. Smile
Gravity was in Left spin. My R145 has been used alot. My RSF seems to be OK. It's been used a bit, but it should be OK. Also, Gravity would KO it easly. I'm not sure if one of my parts are not working right. Hope the tests are still OK? It would be good if another member(s) could test this aswell.
Ah, that would explain it. Gravity does do better in left when both are launched normally, however if it does that, defense types can just be weak launched, and overall Gravity struggles much more in that situation than it does in Right v Right. No problem though, it serves its purpose as a comparison of the clear wheels just fine. Smile

I'm curious, is weak launching defense types not a popular thing in MFB? It seems like a lot of people aren't aware of it or something, though maybe that's just me only noticing those cases and not the rest. It's pretty outrageously effective, though I guess the Left Spin user could just try to tornado stall you out if they're sure you're going to weak launch (though they risk you bluffing and actually launching normally and outspinning, too, so generally it's simpler to use right spin from the get go).
I see. Haha, I will keep that in mind. I'm gonna be testing Bakushin in Stamina next, but it does look like Bakushin's best in Defence.