Juv's Mix and Matching beyblading fun

Okay, well I just got my beyblades yesterday and most of them came in a few giant bags. Since I have zero knowledge of beyblades I was wondering if anyone could help me put these blades back together into their original un-customized form.

So heres how I think we should do it. In each picture there is a number so here is an example of how we can put them back together

P1 12, P2 14, P 3 12 = Dragoon S
(Example Only)

These aren't all the parts I have, these are just one of each kind. I have different colours of many of these parts so just put them together and I will match the colours up myself.

Picture 1
[Image: CIMG11491280x768-1.jpg]

Picture 2
[Image: CIMG11551280x768-1.jpg]

Picture 3
[Image: CIMG11581280x768-1.jpg]

Picture 4
[Image: CIMG11651280x768-1.jpg]


Also got a whole bunch of bit protectors but you don't need to add these on, I'll just pick them by colour.
[Image: CIMG11441280x768-1.jpg]
Do weight discs matter? Anyway... isn't that like a pair of spark discs/ wide survivor O_____O? Dude, congrats!
gonna have to go: P1 12 = spark disk (Example only) cause I have no idea what is what.
I'll help you fully tomorrow, but why don't you just put the parts together that have the same matching colors? It'll be easier to help from there.

And why do you need to match them up?
I can say right now base #15 is fake, toss it.
Artie Wrote:nice wide survivors!

There's one Wide Defense, and one Wide Survivor.
numbers numbers people. Will get rid of #15 also I got another base its as heavy as a brick. I believe its also a fake what do you think?

[Image: CIMG11601280x768.jpg]
[Image: CIMG11611280x768.jpg]

And i wanted to put them back together just to make them feel complete.

On P2 (Picture 2) where does 13, 14, 15 and 16 go to?

PS: I like how the forum resizes the images so that it fits nicely Tongue_out
Wow, that looks like a modified old Beigoma.
I'm a noob when it comes to customising blades so if you guys want to recommend any good combos write it down like this:

P1 12, P3 2, P3 12 = Attack type, good for quick battles and fast wins
(Example Only)
I don't think it's going to be that simple. We're going to tell you which parts are which, but you're going to have to learn their names and such.
wow that Beigoma(?) thingo is neat. is that stone?
Tamer Brad Wrote:Wow, that looks like a modified old Beigoma.

I think that's exactly what that is... Take a look at it, that wouldn't attach to an AR at all, but those slots might fit on an EZ Shooter.
Page one
1) Galman (matches with 15 on page 2)
2) Draciel S
3) Gaia Dragoon V (missing subring)
4) Frostic Dranzer/Bistool/etc.
5) Draciel F
6) Burning Kerberos
7) Gryffolyon
8) Wing Attacker
9) Dragoon V
10) Dranzer S
11) Dragoon F
12) Galeon (matches with 14 on page 2)
13) Trygle
14) Flash Leopard 2
15) Cyber Dragoon
16) SparkRing attacker
17) Wing Defencer
18) Driger F
19) Seaborg2
20) Master Driger/Knight Dranzer

Page two
1) Gaia Dragoon (matches with 13 on same page)
2) Seaborg
3) Bearing Stinger
4) Uriel1
5) Master Draciel
6) Bearing Stinger (YOU LUCKY BUGGER)
7) Master Dragoon
8) Master Dranzer
9) Flash Leopard
10) Dranzer S
11) Metal Dranzer
12) Driger V2 (if it covers WD it's normal version, if it doesn't it's RC version)
13) Subring for Gaia Dragoon (matches with 1 on same page)
14) Subring for Galeon (matches with 12 on page 1)
15) Subring for Galman (matches with 1 on page 1)
16) Subring for Galzzly (Main AR is missing)
17) Trypio

Page 3
1) SG sharp (Master Draciel)
2) SG Metal Sting (Master Dranzer)
3) SG Jumping Base (Trygle)
4) WolborgIV
5) SG Metal Ball base (Draciel S)
6) Draciel V
7) SG Flat (Galzzly probably)
8) can't see clearly, sorry. Probably Sharp Base, from Frostic Dranzer.
9) Uriel1
10) Flat base (I think, again I can't really see clearly)
11) Customize Clutch Base (Dranzer V2)
12) Gryffolyon transforming base
13) Flame Change Base (Dranzer F)
14) SG Flat Base (Metal Dranzer, probably)
15) wtf?
16) SG Auto Change Base (Wyborg)
17) Full Auto-clutch base (Driger F)
18) Customize Bearing base (Burning kerberos)
19) Spring base... right?
20) Bearing base (Bearing Stinger)
21) SG Flat Base (master dragoon)
22) Dragoon F
23) Customize Metal Change base, Driger V2
24) same as 22
25) SG Metal Flat Base 2 (Gaia Dragoon V)
26) Volcano Change Base (Dranzer V)
27) Looks to me like a black edition of Full Auto Clutch base, same as 17. Please check.
28) Same as 17
29) Gaia dragoon
30) Metal Ball base (Draciel Metal Ball Defencer)

Page 4
1) 8-wide
2) 10-wide
3) 8-wide
4) 8-balance
5) Wide
6) Heavy
7) O_____O.
8) 10-balance
9) Revolver attacker
10) 10-heavy
11) Balance
12) 8-heavy
13) 8-balance
14) Heavy
15) 8-heavy
I can't see it very clearly, but it looks like 16 is a wide defence at 17 is a wide survivor.

Hope this helps. You've a nice set of parts!
#7 WD is fake as well, as Composer so eloquently pointed out.

Quote:7) O_____O.
Composer of Requiems Wrote:Page 3
19) Spring base... right?

Hope this helps. You've a nice set of parts!

Jumping Base, right? Same difference ^^

And yes, Juv, you have an amazing collection Chocked
Elmo Wrote:
Composer of Requiems Wrote:Page 3
19) Spring base... right?

Hope this helps. You've a nice set of parts!

Jumping Base, right? Same difference ^^

And yes, Juv, you have an amazing collection Chocked
Ah damn. Jumping. That was the word I was looking for.
@Composer of Requiems
Wow thanks a lot for that list, hope it wasn't too much trouble.

Its good to see that a have a few decent parts here and there.

Next, i guess I'll just have to try out different combinations, but will need some advise on launching techniques cause at the moment i just aim for the side of the wall so my blade doesn't get shot out.
How much did you pay for all those beys? Gasp