Jiraiya Blade

AR: Jiraiya Blade
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Grip Flat Core/Grip Flat Core Ultimate Mode
Spin Direction: Left

Okay...after BND! Kei used a combo similar to this one against an upper attacker in TBTS.

My upper Attacker was:
AR: Samurai Upper
WD: CWD Defense Ring
RC: Grip Flat Core

Since then I've been thinking about how surprising it is that this combo hasn't been discussed before, or at least its effectiveness hasn't been emphasized.

In TBTS, the common type to use is upper attack. The most common attack rings for upper attack in HMS, and the most common attack rings in TBTS for that matter are Circle Upper and Samurai Upper. The problem with these two attack rings is that their upper attack only works in right spin. From what I've seen this wasn't too much of a problem because since those two attack rings are pretty much the only ones used (in TBTS), both players were in right spin anyway.

Now Jiraiya Blade has great smash attack ability in left spin.

Upper Attack works best when both blades are in the same spin direction. While Circle Upper and Samurai Upper have great attack ability in right spin but, they have mediocre (maybe even less than that) attack in left spin.

In conclusion, I love Jiraiya Blade. I am extremely glad I didn't have to face this during the tournament.

AR: Jiraiya Blade
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Metal Change Core

Is this combo really that uncommon? When I was preparing combinations for the tournament, this was one of the first I thought of. It's such a simple concept.

After testing this against you and Blue afterwards, I can say that it is a very effective Circle/Samurai Upper counter for the reasons you already stated. And even outside of TBTS, it is deadly. The thing I was most surprised with was how fast it moved, each time it was able to hit the opponent near the start of the match, it won. Even later on in the match it was still a threat.

Hopefully some more people can test this combo (and its variations) out and post what their results are. Once I get a TBTS, I'll definitely be playing around with it.

Cye Kinomiya Wrote:In conclusion, I love Jiraiya Blade. I am extremely glad I didn't have to face this during the tournament.
...and I feel extremely stupid for not using it!; especially in the round I lost. x]
Ah, it was metal change core. Well, that is definitely more common.

But for now I prefer a grip flat variant in TBTS.

I'll run some more tests soon.
Back before I sold my stuff I was using;

AR- Jiraiya Blade
WD- Circle Heavy
RC- Metal Flat Core

As a high spin-rate smash combo.
I want to write a decent post but I'm under the weather so forgive me if this isn't that great ...

Cye's post hits the nail on the head pretty well. Jiraiya Blade has similar ability in both spin directions. One of the coolest parts is that although Jiraiya Blade shares its spot as the heaviest HMS AR with Samurai Upper, the weight distribution allows this to not slow down its movement too much, and is negated by the great velocity potential of the part.

The first combo Cye posted is great in TB Vs. Bearing Core variants. Michael's topic is great as a high spin velocity blade as well.
Yes, I forgot to mention that. The weight on Jiraiya Blade is distributed on the outside
I've always praised Jiraiya Blade as one of my favourite smash attack ARs from the HMS gen. Great smash potential in either direction, although for right spin it'll work better at higher height and with a smaller WD. This thing hits real hard, is heavy and has good attack range.
The 2 combos I used most were pretty much the same as Cye and Michael posted, just fiddling with WD variatons.

Sometimes, against a heavy BC2 defenser, smashers would bounce back out of TBTS, so I tried the 1st combo, but with CWD Defense Ring to increase weight. Makes it a lot harder for it to happen and it still moves real fast all around, although it should definitely be paired up with Grip Flat Core Ultimate Mode in this case. For general purposes, I still prefer a lighter WD though.

Against defensive combos in TBTS, upper still takes the cake in overall efficiency, but it doesn't mean smash attack ARs like Jiraiya Blade should be overlooked. Especially in TB, it's still as good a choice as any other and having a part that can perform good in both directions is always a plus.