[Jakarta] [29 Jan 12] Bey Bash: A New Beyginning

New year, new beginning...

Bey Bash: A New Beyginning

Date : Sunday, January 29th 2012

Time : Arrive @11 a.m. SHARP for registrations, introductions, rules overview, free play, sales/purchases. The Tournament will begin @12 p.m. WIB - until finished

Venue/Location : Pantai Indah Kapuk - Metro Broadway Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2, Pantai Indah Kapuk - Jakarta 14460, Indonesia Google Map : http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=13...PDA&dtab=2

Format : 28 Participants : Round Robin Block System
More than 28 Participants : Double Elimination

Fees : USD. 5,- for entrance OR USD. 10,- to purchase a WBO passport (valid for 1 year). Current passport holders are free. (All fees must be settled before the event date). If paying in Rupiah, it is Rp. 100.000 for a passport OR Rp. 50.000 for a one time entrance fee

Prizes :

*NO FAKE PARTS (Don't bring them to the event)*

Attendees :
1. wpardin
2. felix_n
3. Sammy Lie
4. Darrel Lie
5. Andrew_C
6. Killer Instinct
7. vincenteh
8. blitz300
9. NoSkillBlader
10. blacksun
11. sri_rama
12. Kaskus
13. BeybladerJoeS
14. fast(fadhy)
15. papa_joe
16. prastyo wibowo
17. FatFathur
18. Jenson
19. Tyoprabowoo
20. crimson bey
21. beydort
22. titanium kaiser
23. spirit blader
24. burn blader
25. DragonflyXZ
26. Izuma Inzori
27. Djalu13
28. bladerboy1999
29. iqbal25
30. BladerNerd
31. TheBulePegasis5

Waiting list:
1. Sentinel Prime
2. betraka000
3. loki5500

Count me in...

Have to practice a whole lot more for this tourney... Hope I can get better result...

I am confirming that me, Darrel Lie, Andrew_C, Killer Instinct & vincenteh are coming to the tourney...

The champion is BACK

I guess it is going to be another tough competition...

Updated the OP as requested

blacksun+sri_rama Grin
NoSkillBlader in!!
Of course I'm in on the tournament
This is fast. Hope we can gather more players. The more, the merrier...

*updated the OP
(Jan. 09, 2012  3:54 AM)wpardin Wrote: I guess it is going to be another tough competition...
Tough & Rough Tired
Count me in Joyful_2
Put me in the waiting list, thx
count me in,What's TBA?(Sorry,im a newbie)^o^
hey, how about iqbal25 and prokipotegg, the newcomer on our last tournament? Will they come too?
@BeybladerJoeS TBA= to be announced
btw i'm on the waiting list
@BeybladerJoeS: is your father joining as well?

I will text iqbal & prokipotegg to let them know...
Count me in at the party.... Grin
Updated the OP.

I also got news that several people from Bandung are coming to the tourney... So I think this tourney is going to be amazing because we will have some new players...

prastyo wibowo, in
fatfathur, in..
Some new contenders for Bey Bash... We welcome you guys to join us...

updated the OP (again)...

If you have any questions, pls feel free to PM me...
Are you all going to be fine ? Apparently there are tsunami warnings for Indonesia.
Yes we are fine. There was a big earthquake in Aceh which is in Sumatra Island. We all live in Jakarta which is in Java Island. It is very far from Jakarta. I think it is about 2 -3 hrs flight from Jakarta to Aceh area. So, yes we are fine. We just pray that people in Aceh are safe as well. A big tsunami hit Aceh & it's surrounding area in 2004. They are still recovering from that tragedy.

PS: The government has lifted the tsunami warning as of this morning.
(Jan. 10, 2012  2:31 PM)prastyo wibowo Wrote: prastyo wibowo, in
fatfathur, in..

What the??? your name same with me ._. and my old ID is Prasetyo Wibowo ._.
Btw I'm in, i don't want any mercy Eee
(Jan. 09, 2012  3:53 AM)Sammy Lie Wrote: I am confirming that me, Darrel Lie, Andrew_C, Killer Instinct & vincenteh are coming to the tourney...

The champion is BACK
wow Chocked_2 wow you're very sure that you will win again, i don't think so Eee
Updated the OP.

@tyo: sammy has won 1st place twice. He can be cocky :p

btw, you changed your username again. Make sure you don't change it again. It's going to be hard for the committee to update the score & credit.