Is there any blader live near region V,Philippines?

  • Please if anyone who lives on region V,or even Philippines please tell me!! Pinching_eyes
                 (Just post whose live in the Philippines)(I'm pretty shy but I need an answer!!!).
Mabuhay from Bataan, Philippines!!! region III
Tagalog time!! Thank goodness buti naman ay !!
I am Gab Ravelo, 9yo and my brother Max, 7yo. We are playing bey in school every friday with schoolmates. Happy to get connected with fellow bladers
Cool! I m older than you,12yo! Talaga pati classmates mo ay blader!? Hope we battle soon!!!
That is a good plan. glad to hear from you again. We have an fb page, RAVELO BLADERS. let us keep in touch.
Sorry for the late reply but soon we will meet