Iron (needname) SA145XWB

Top(CW/Iron FW)
[Image: screenbladezer.png]
Bottom(SA145XWB(Shock Absorber 14.5 mm Extra/Extreme Wide Ball))
[Image: sa145xwb.png]
Whaddaya think?(also need name)
it should be:Iron Ghost SA145XWB
Yeah. Iron Ghost SA145XWB sounds good.
If no one comes up with a better name, I'll just go with either Iron Thor or Iron Spirit, but Iron Ghost? Why?
because the fusion wheel looks purple like a ghost
Because we all know that ghosts are purple ...
no, ghosts are TRANSLUCENT.
look at my zekrom sig for proof.
No, ghosts are INVISIBLE. Go watch Ghost Adventures or something.

Maybe this should be all clear with the exception of the Metal Wheel....
When I think Ghost bey, I think white-and-blue, completely round MW, SJ(spring jump)230, and MSF performance tip, a combo designed to avoid all hard hits. My bey(which should actually come with R(rubber)WB, not XWB) is designed, apart from recoil, to be immovable, not counting its own self-induced movement. A currently-existent equivalent(although I doubt it is great in practice, I don't have the parts to test it) is MF-H Rock Bull R145RSF, so for now the best candidate as far as names is Iron Thor SA145XWB.
the clear wheel looks like a gear or cog of some sort to me....

now I just thought metal gear. oh dear.