Introducing... The new BeyMap!!

4 years ago, the encyclopedia Beywiki was relaunched officially as the World Beyblade Organization.

It introduced a new layout, the Beypoint System - the world ranking system for Bladers, and one other feature...

Unfortunately, as part of an obligatory upgrade, the Usermap meant to be a grandiose directory of the Bladers all around the globe stopped working due to a flaw in the plugin's script, sadly right before the boom of growth created by Hasbro's release of Metal Fight Beyblade.

Finally however, the BeyMap is back, and better than ever! Get ready for the optimal experience as a Beyblader!!

We could not settle only for making the old Usermap get back on track and running, no! While we were at it, we took the progress to a whole new level by developing 3 layers of Beyblade info!


Of course, the core function of the BeyMap is to visualise in a clear way where all the Bladers in the world live. Therefore, when you sign yourself up on the BeyMap, an icon gets added in your location, and it becomes very easy to see the hot spots of the Beyblade community!

With just this set of data, you'll be already able to see :
  • who else lives close to you
  • how many Bladers are around you
  • whether everybody else is more around one similar city, which would mean that you'd have to go out to their location for an event.

We had region threads in the WBO General forum before, but this is really something else! Below the BeyMap, you can see a list of the eight Members closest to you, without even needing to snap your fingers!


The first of the two new features: tournaments are now shown directly on the BeyMap! They're very easy to notice, what with their flashy WBO icon! [Image: mapeventlogo3.png]

But oh boy, that absolutely isn't it!
  • Hovering over the orange WBO icon will show you the details of the event, such as the date of the tournament, the location, and the link to the topic. Clicking on this link will of course take you right to the official thread for the WBO Event, and you can post there to let the Organizer know that you'll be able to attend the tournament!

  • You can see upcoming Events right below the Map too! No need to search on the map among all the Blader icons and the Event icons for where you live: the info's right there, quickly within your reach!

  • The most important add-on: we're able to send invites to all the Bladers in the region of an upcoming or potential tournament! That's right, forget about keeping your contact list up-to-date; as long as everyone's registered on the Map, we'll be able to reach everybody and let them know about your tournament! This will work on two dimensions: if a region has never had any Events before, we can send a tentative invite to people nearby the proposed location of the tournament and we'll ask the interested to post about their intention to come to the Event; if it's a region that's used to have tournaments already, or if an Event has gotten the minimum eight players in a new region and has finally been approved, then a new official message will be sent out to all the Members close to the Event to let them know that it's definitely going to happen!


Oooh, we bet you didn't see that one coming!

Another part of the reality of being a Blader is... finding your stock! It's great to know that there are fellow Bladers around you and that there are Events nearby too, but you can't do much without good Beyblade parts!

For this reason, you'll now be able to use the BeyMap to find out where the nearby Stores are that carry Beyblades, and exactly which items they have in stock! It's also useful for your last-minute Beyblade needs before a tournament: now you can see all the stores close to the Event location, as well as see if they have something you're looking for, like a new RF or R²F for your Attack combos!

This layer of the BeyMap is entirely user-generated though. This is where you can put your "BeyHunting" to great use! When you go to a store and see that Toys "R" Us on X street in Y state has all the basic Hyperblade releases, take a few minutes to go add that information on the BeyMap so that other Bladers interested in that region's stock can benefit from those details. It's really simple, and if someone else goes afterwards and sees that there are no more Big Bang Pegasus F:D in stock, the information on the Map can be updated with a quick click!

There are 2 simple steps to contributing to the Stores layer of the BeyMap:

1. Add the Store onto the BeyMap - Know a store, whether huge like a local Toys "R" US or Walmart, or a smaller distributor like One Eyed Jacques in the future? Mark it up right on the BeyMap, and that'll already be useful to other Bladers who might just be looking for a store selling Beyblades, short and sweet like that! To add a Store, you really just need to go on the main page of the Map, and go to the section on shops right at the bottom. You'll be taken to a page with futher instructions there.

2. Add the Store's stock - When you went to Target on (Blader Street) in (BeyState), you saw Wing Pegasus, L-Drago Destructor F:S, Beat Lynx AD145WD (Metal Fury), Omega Dragonis 85XF, and Flash Sagittario 230WD ? Let others know about it just by going on the Stores layer by clicking on the "Stores" box at the top right corner of the BeyMap, find the shop you are referring to, and manage its stock right there just by submitting separate item names.

Don't worry about the big chunks of text, we got our very dear BLADER DJ to walk you through the technicalities and features of the new BeyMap! Thanks BLADER DJ for taking time out of your retirement to grant us with your questionable English and your fiery hot Blader Spirit!

If you're shy or wish to remain slightly confidential, no worries: don't hesitate to make your location on the BeyMap as vague as you want. You live in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, Canada ? You can either only enter "Ontario, Canada", or you can write "Toronto, Ontario, Canada" instead since you'll probably get updates about events there anyway. It's totally up to you!

Being a Blader has truly never been easier! Besides getting all your top info and advice from the experts of the WBO, you can now know very quickly whether there's a Beyblade tournament right in your area, and you'll know where to improve your collection too! With Metal Fury not yet having reached all the regions in the world, and with Shogun Steel, Hasbro's adaptation of Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G, you'll know where to go as soon as it's known!

All of these new features definitely incarnate the core principles that the World Beyblade Organization was created with, notably being open to every Blader, informing every Blader, helping every Blader, and realising Blader's dreams. From the beginning, and for years to come, we take our hobby into our hands, and nothing's going to stop us!

So now, go share this news with all your friends interested in Beyblade; we wasted time with the downtime of the usermap before, but we've still got 80,000 Members, the official Beyblade Facebook Page has more than 300,000 followers, so we can definitely cover some of the ground we've lost!

If you're on Twitter, we've created a new hashtag just for this: #WBOBeyMap #GameDev #Beyblade
On Facebook, you can simply share our news post!

Also, here's one such tournament you will be able to find marked on the BeyMap in the next few weeks and that you can look forward to!

Are you ready for such a huge occasion?!
Cool! Is this the "big news"?

Edit:First post!
Cool. Just added mine.
(Mar. 23, 2013  3:33 PM)ShinobuXD Wrote: Cool! Is this the "big news"?

Edit:First post!

We have potentially got some very big other news coming, but yes, this is what we have been working on a lot in the past few months and we know that it is an essential tool Bladers should have had from the very beginning.
Also when on Twitter use the Hashtag #GaneDev & #Beyblade. Those tags get picked up quite often..
Great! This is definitely going to help all of our newcoming hosts out.

You people and your secrecy... tell us what else there is ( / T _ T /)
This is awesome! I just added myself. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this. I like everything that was updated. Stores, tournaments and much more. This is amazing. I can't wait for even more big news!
This is great! I'll be adding myself later today.
Alright WBO!

Awesome update, keep em coming!
This is awesome! I just registered. Thank you everyone who helped with this, its truly amazing!
Wow, nice news. Will add my info’s now as well.
The Beymape seems like a cool idea. Thanks WBO!!!

Edit: Lol balder Djs neck chain looks so sick with that Storm Pegasus and those clear wheels hanging around his neck (:
This is just amazing work. Thanks to the committee puting all their time into this project, I think it'll be a success!

I'll be adding a few stores and me later :3
and im on the map too : ) easier to do tournaments then : )
Great news Kai-V! I am happy to see that WBO is growing up more and more; I hope to see many other big news! Grin
I just added my location to the map.
This is awesome work! Thanks to all who worked towards making it work!
The user locations and tournaments are a nice touch, but I'm concerned regarding the stores part. I don't believe many people are going to be willing to check regularly on the stock which, from experience working in stores, can be extremely inconsistent. You could see Wave 21 on one day, then Wave 17 the next etc. I mean, it's a brilliant idea, don't get me wrong, it just seems difficult to maintain and impractical.
Yes, it certainly would be quite difficult to maintain. However, it is just an additional helping-hand provided by those who are willing to take the initiative to give out the best possible up-to-date information about stores. Smile
They've just provided us with that feature. Its usage and reliability is upon us, haha!
So, Prof. Oak just gave me my Pokedex, or to say,
Kai-V just gave 80000 members their BeyMap
I thought BeyMap was only to surf the site better. This indeed sounded like the 'big news' we have been waiting for. By the way, people are not active on that 300000 page. Don't envy such things, cause you don't need to
Cool! I added myself, and my brother ShinobuXD and I added a few stores in our are.
Cool...!...I might add myself ^-^
Really great work WBO, super nice !

I like that new map, it's better than the old one by far ~ (:
Yeah Buddy! Is it compatable with mobile devices?
(Mar. 23, 2013  5:27 PM)wtater888 Wrote: Yeah Buddy! Is it compatable with mobile devices?

Yes, it should work with mobile devices. It worked on my phone. DS and 3DS probably won't work due to hardware restrictions.
Awesome XD lol I love it