Introducing Myself

Hey guys i'm SprigganNemesis. As you can probably guess, my favorite Burst bey is Cho-Z Spriggan, and my favorite MFB bey is Diablo Nemesis. I got my first Beyblades at age 4 and have been playing passionately ever since. I do own some Takara Tomy releases, but i'm mainly a Hasbro blader and even made it to the National stage of their world tour. I can't wait to talk with people who share a passion for these toys as much as I do.
welcome to the WBO, SprigganNemesis!!
Welcome to the WBO! We are pretty friendly Smile
If you have any questions, PM me and i will gladly anwser them. Smile
Welcome to the WBO! Feel free to PM me questions and I will answer them with 100% accuracy! :)