[Indiana, USA] Tournament Discussion

I'm going to call off the tournament... It's not going to be official, and with BerserkerBegira as the only one coming from out of town, I don't think it will be worth it anyways...

Sorry all, I'll try to give longer notice, better details, and be more organized next time Smile
Hey, you were doing a good job getting hype. I hope sometime I will be able to attend one, maybe host if I have to. Keep your head high Cake, Indiana will have a tournament someday Smile.
Is anybody up for a tournament possibly over Christmas break from school? I think I could host, but I don't know haha. I just figured that's be a great time frame to see if you can go and it's probably the only time if be able to this year.

I'm just trying to drum up discussion.
I might be able to, it wouldn't hurt to meet you hahah, so put me as a maybe. If I come, I'll try to bring a friend or two.
Coolio. I'm not really going to start a list just yet. I'm just gathering interest.
(Feb. 21, 2013  4:04 AM)TrueVaultHunter Wrote: I'm in Princeton IN I'd like to set up a meet up sometime probably at comic quest in Evansville they have a great play area for card games but I'm sure there are plenty of times durin the week to play

Hey guys, eville con is going to be in march I believe, would anyone be interested in possibly putting together a small tournament? It'd be pretty fun and plus, anime convention in evansville
Sorry I live in in and would like to go play at a tournament hope I'm not to late
If you want, Chicago is having a tournament in November, so check in here: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Illinois...go-Bladers
No problem, happy to see a new blader Wink
Thanks Shining God MS, just steal Indianas few bladers XD.

It's awesome to see another IN WBO member. What area of IN do you live in?
Do you know what place it's going to be at

I'm around Hobart
It's going to be in Niles. Look on the Chicago thread next time. Also Tri, I will steal ALL the Indiana bladers mwahahaha Eee
Very funny I am still getting used to how it works sorry
It's okay man. Just really happy to see a new IN blader.
Have you been to a tournament or won one
If you look at my faces, I have won three times in a tournament. Two times got third place, and I got first place once. I have been to I believe 8 tournaments now. Let's talk via PM about this stuff Smile

Yes, it's actually gonna happen... tournament time! Grin

Well, I think it's high time we had a tourney in IN! There are quite a few of you living there, and I think it's about time we gave you a little push to get you started! Smile

I'm visiting my cousins for Thanksgiving, and it just so happens that Tri and I are both available to host on Black Friday! Now, from checking out the beymap, I'm sorry to say it might be a bit of a drive for some of you, but nonetheless if your parents are willing to make the drive I guarantee you it'll be more than worth it.

So, here we go!

Date: Friday, November 29th, 2013 (Black Friday)

Time: We'll probably start around 1:00 P.M. if that's OK with you guys. We can adjust the time for anyone who can't make it that early/leave as late as like 4:00.

Location: 11675 Hazel Dell Parkway, Carmel, IN, 46033

It'll be at Founders Park. The shelter we'll be playing at is just off the parking lot. It's easily visible from the road, so you probably won't have a problem finding it.

Format: BB-10

If you guys have any BB-10 stadiums, BRING THEM!!! We want as many as we can get. Smile It would also be cool if someone could bring a Zero-G stadium as well, just to play in if we want to.

Prizes: Um... hehe... my budget's a bit tight now. XD We may not end up having any prizes unless I can find someone willing to get some, but hey! Faces, credits, beypoints, and a good time are plenty worth it.

So yah, that's it! If anyone needs the time of day changed, we can definitely work that out. Unfortunately, the Date and Park are kinda fixed. :\ I can't make it any other day/place LOL.

Bring Coats! It might be chilly...

If anyone know of an indoor facility we could use in Carmel, Noblesville, Fisher, or Cicero IN, tell me or Tri about it and we could use that rather than risk bad weather outside.

So... let's get confirmed for this thing! Tell and IN bladers you know... we need at least 8 competitors to get this thing on the road.


1. theblackdragon
2. TigeroftheWest
3. Shining God MS
4. Tri
5. thedaddude
6. Shining God MS' friend #1


1. Draciel516
2. Shining God MS' friend #2
3. Dark Kerbecs
4. Dark Kerbecs' bro
5. YukoRay14
6. Cake
7. Basaltspam
8. GuardianRevizer

EVERYONE REMEMBER THE $5 ENTRY FEE. If you can't bring 5 dollars (or buy a passport, covers all tournaments for a year) then, unfortunately, you can't play. Unhappy
I'm not really confirmed to be honest. My mom did say we will see though. She really wants to bring me but money is kind of tight right now. I'm just glad were getting into some serious discussion now.

Also, Draciel516 said it depends on his work, so he's a maybe and I would move me to maybe.

Maybe we could get some people from Chicago to come as well!
I'm a maybe as well. But I will probs come Grin
I'm so excited if I can go! I'm gonna beg my grandma to bring me if my mom can't I think XD.

So about hosting theblackdragon, would we both actually be considered hosts or would one of us be a co-host?
Right now me and my bother are a maybe as of right
I've co-hosted a couple of times so can I co-host if I come?
I think Tri wants to host... but if he can't I probably will. I've already got the proposal written LOL. XD

EDIT: Proposal's up! Smile We need some people to move from maybe to confirmed if we ever want this to happen... My little brother really wants to play, so I'm gonna put him on the maybe list for now.

Ask your friends if they wanna come guys... there are probably hundreds of IN bladers waiting for a tournament. You just gotta go tell 'em about the WBO! Grin