Illegal Beyblade Modifications Discussion

If you have illegal mods post them here!
For people who dont read titles this is all IILEGAL!
First the mini libra
Next eternal gear
Finally metal defence
Will add more later
Blade killer
Blade killer no 2
Super long metal face(used for placeing mutiple plastic weight discs)
Rubber ball
Modded Hms launcher(streneth x2)
Bearing bottom(when spun with hand lasts for 41 secs)
LONG winder
Bull ver 2.0
Motar beyblade(the top spins independently inside)
Metal defence ver2.0 (weights the same as a light beyblade)
Static(lightning's litte brother)
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How the pwn did you pull off that last one????
Could you explain what you actually did..?
2 ways the easy way is get wide defence on ed145 without wings hard way cut the wings off v145(sol blaze)
Nice! Pretty awesome customizations you've got there!
wow that is pretty good bey you got there nice
bad bey blade killer no2 you dented my earth
(black bits are dented)
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recoulor of blade killer no2
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can u post instructions on how to make blade killer.
I did not even know this was possible combination parts. (I've lurked, yes, that is a forced meme- yes.)

Anyway, good job and I am surprised no one went like "OH WOW SELF EXPLANATORY ILLEGAL".
epic shiz dude now only if moding wast illegal lol
kudos to you
(Sep. 16, 2010  2:42 PM)Crystal Pegasus Wrote: can u post instructions on how to make blade killer.
Buy a metal attack ring from china,stick it in your bey blade
How did you do the mfb-hms launcher one? I can't seem to get it on.
sorry but It is a mystery
(pm me if you relly relly want to know!)
working on my next progect, the dreaded bearing bottom
cannot resist mini libra's epicness D:
blade killer 1 is sold for...a grand ketos wd145 rs
Happy now!
Thank you all for the suport(woot! secend page!)
And I thought I was the only one to use HMS Launchers for MFB.

I definatley can confirm it spins at 2x a Light Launcher. Quite a bit better than a Beylaucher.
nope,at its full potential the bey laucncher is better but almost none of the bladers can achive the full potental
Dude........Awsomeness! This is inspiring! Too bad it's illegal. But still, Awsome!