If you could describe yourself as a bey...

Poll: Is the bey you chose your fav?

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I started this thread to see how people would describe themself as a bey. For example, I would describe myself as a Storm Pegasis 105RF because I have strong attack power, but very bad stamina. But I have one question for you:
If you could describe yourself as a bey, what bey would you be?
I made this topic because I searched for threads like this, and nothing showed up.
P.S. Customs count
P.P.S. You may use plastic gen and HMS
well i dont know what to describe myself as exactly but i am seriosly a PYRO MANIAC FIRE BURN FFFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRREEE so BURN FIREBLAZE
the doctors arent helping me with my Fire and Red problem
well obviously Flame Libra I have awesome stamina and an amazing (but outclassed) ES performance tip.
Id be Dark Gasher cause Im a cancer. I always balance situations but in the end, Im always overuled.
Do customs count? Because I seriously cannot compare myself to an uncustomized beyblade, no matter how simple any of them might be.

I definitely do not want to be Pre-HWS Capricorn, because despite how "out-there" I can be- it's a ridiculously bland Beyblade.

I can be an MF Killer Libra C145BS, simply because I am a Libra.
Dark Wolf because I suck Tongue_out jk

Flame Sagittario because I'm pretty sucky, but alright. (and I'm a Sagittarius)
i think id be a galaxy peg not thinking things over and to fast with decisions and highly out classed lol im also a try hard fail
I would be rock leone or fang leone both describe me, i am as strong as a lion and really scary, also i have good defense, and i destroy my prey Smile ya
Dragoon. I'm like a smart, strange, strong, and creepy person.
Hell kerbecs because i have stamina and i'm powerful
I don't have three heads but i'm as smart as three heads HA! XD
Flame Libra because i'm libra and also it's one of the first beys i got. Yu is also awesome in the anime.
Basalt Horogium because I can take hits but I can't dish them out.
I wait for the right time and know just where to hit so I would say Earth Eagle
Earth Eagle. Strong Defense and good stamina.
screw capricorn,because i was born in january
I'm Earth Bull. I can take many hits, dish them out, and I can come out the last man standing in a fight
im gonna say grand ketos. Im already big as a whale and theres no walrus beys that and i am balanced out.
I'd say I am Rock Giraffe for I can't be bothered to use physical attack power and I take too much recoil LOL =P
Im a Attacking Defender in Soccer so I would say I am sort of like......Earth Virgo.

It moves Perfectly in order....Its hard to Explain but I think I am like it.
Fang Pegasis F: D

If I were to fight someone, I won't hit hard and chances are, I'm going to get knocked around a lot, but sometimes I'll make a good comeback and shock you with a good attack after taking a big hit. In projects, I tend to rush things once I'm near the end as a last stitch effort, but it generally don't go very well.

In sports, I have a lot of stamina, but my primary focus is attack. F: D is supposed to be an attack base, but in the beginning, it performs like a stamina, like me.
Hmmm, same as the first part of Daikailo's post, so I guess...Legend Counter... Capricorn...100SF?
EDIT: Oh hey, new page.
i guess im kinda like rock leone i guess im alittle agressive to start but alittle while in i just let them wear themselves out

or virgo cause i am a virgo
I think I can be perfectly described with MF-H Basalt Kerbecs BD145CS. I'm not kidding.

1. I'm on the heavy side. (MF-H and BD145).
2. I'm good at Defense in soccer. (Basalt)
3. In sports, I almost never run unless I need to. (CS)
4. I don't run really fast, and I run out of Stamina rather quickly. (defeated by Stamina types and XF combos)
5. My feet are sore if I stand for too long. (Basalt ruins CS)
6. If I get hit with a Lightning Tank or a Maximum Meteor, I die.
7. I like dogs and Greek mythology. (Kerbecs)
LOLZ. I didn't think you could post combos. So that's why I didn't. I love 6. Getting hit with Lightning or a Meteor, you die...