If you could describe yourself as a bey...

Poll: Is the bey you chose your fav?

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I am like Flame Gasher 100 FS:
I stay in the center a lot(FS movement)
I go undeneath(100)
I knock people of balance(Flame and 100)
and I am different(Gasher mold against Cancer mold)
I am wierd!(a destablizer!)
I am like Lightning L Drago 90 RF
My opinion is usually opposite to the opinion of others. (Lightning)
I am a left-hander (L- Drago)
I am short. Somewhat around 4'11"- 5'01" (100)
I am a super fast runner, I use my speed as my power while attacking(a person, a football, etc.). But, it doesn't take long until I get tired. Low Stamina you see....(RF)

And yes, this is my favorite bey!
I'm like a MF L Drago Destroy 90RF.

My mom keeps on saying I have a heavy head sometimes (MF)
I'm a lot different from other people. (LDD is different from other beys, very unique)
I'm quite short (90)
I have a very aggressive nature and I have no stamina (RF)

Well, thats about it.
(Apr. 30, 2011  3:30 PM)SAMKUL95 Wrote: OKay..change for me now...I am heavy, I am slow and I cant be generally agitated..but once I am angry..I can do whatever I want...so heavy and slow will be Basalt and Aquario and for the anger..I think FGrin will suit
So I will be Basalt Aquario FGrin

Just edit your first post, instead of making another post.
Rock Virgo GB145XF

Rock: I stay calm if you don't mess with me, but if you do, I go crazy.

Virgo: I'm a Virgo.

GB145: I'm decent in all areas.

XF: I have tons of speed and OK stamina.
Hmm, I think I can describe myself as an MF L Drago Destroy (Plastic) BD145CS.

I only do things if I have to, unmotivated etc. Same with CS, it stays in the middle until something nudges it out of its comfort zone.


Destroy - Plastic Mode? :V Look again, I get all defensive when someone lowers my self esteem.

L Drago - I'm horribly weak, but I poke holes in people. Not much recoil, tough I have power from deep within, brotha.

Plain 4D Face: My beauty would burn your eyes which is why I cannot show you it.. Also, my face is in 4D. Thats like looking at it in 3D, with another dimension to spare Grin

However, give the parts personalities and well, totally different story.
I think i would be a burn phoenixch120hf while i can hit every once in a while i usually just try and run out the clock, and as for the track im just around mid height for my age
I think I would describe myself as Poison Serpent because i'm evil >Smile
I am probably Fang Unicorno 130 R2F.

I am agressive but bad stamina.
I can beat you up hard but I have to do it quick.
I am very tall.
I have balancing problems.

No, this is not my favorite bey.
I would describe my self as:

leone(I can be very stubborn especially when I am refereeing )
rock(can defend but only for a few blows)
90(cus I am very small)
rf(i can run fast for around 3 seconds)
(Apr. 30, 2011  5:21 AM)Nano Wrote: 5'10 and I'm 14 Smug
Shorty lmao
Thats cool.. I was born on the 31st of December 3 months prematurely (incubation for those months, look it up.), meaning I would have actually been born on the 16th of April. Long story short, physically, I just turned 15 a few weeks ago. Good luck getting antique bro. Smug?
L Drago (Im Very Aggressive)
Lightning (I Attack Very Fast)
135 (Im Pretty Big)
XF (Im Fast ...But Not Suicidal...)
Rock Bull CH120 CS - Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

I'm ok in what seems to be alot of areas, but not great at any.
Im gonna have anothr crack at this seeing as People are using Combos.

I believe I would be MF-M Meteo L Drago F:D.

Because I am not Overweight nor Underweight I am in the Middle. (MF-M)

I can take hits over and Over and get Back up and Keep Spinning/Playing (L Drago II)

I have an Offensive and Defensive Mode/Side. I used to Play as an Attacking Mid now I am a Key Center Back. But I still have that Touch of Offensiveness. I can also get a Bit Fiery... o.O (Meteo)

I swear this Piece describes me Perfectly. The way I play Football (Soccer) Its almost Exactly the same. When you Defend at Start you Hold off and Wait for them to make First Move THEN you Strike. Also when you think Im slowing down I suddenly spring back up full of Life. (F:D)
Hell Kerbecs

As I am kind and a 'gold' personality, but am very dertermind, I'm not to sure really I know but I don't know Chocked_2
MF-L Vulcan Leone t125 cs, or at least, that's how I see myself as a beyblade :P

MF as i'm in between middle or heavy, but not too big, but not average(well for my age :P)
Vulcan, as I hit hard, but i'm still not left spinning, so i'm not the best, but still hit pretty hard.
Leone, i'm very, angry during fights, a little ferocious but definitely controllable.
t125, well, I always try to use the wind to my advantage--but it never makes a difference(I fail so hard :D)
and cs, as I can play offensively and defensively, while lasting longer than most attackers.

That made me sound lame ._.''
Another combo based on how I play handball.
MF-M Earth Aquario D125CS

Defends well (Earth Aquario) (CS)
Not that heavy (MF-M)
Middle Height (D125)
I Would Say MF-H (cause I Am heavy )
Basalt ( Also Cause I Am Heavy)
Bull( Cause I Am Awesome)
230 (Cause I Am Tall)
Cs ( Cause I Am Good In Defence But Not Always Succeding) :-)
MF-M (little bit heavy)
L-Drago II (I get back up every time i fall down)
Meteo (Agressive)
105 (average)
any flat bottom (low stamina and speed but L drago II makes up for it Grin)

Hehehe I am really like this

This is not my fave bey
Thermal Cancer 145WD

Thermal: Good stamina wheel, proves that I have good determination.
Cancer: Crabby at most times, dislikes friendship.
145: I'm tall, but not as tall as 230.
WD: Attacks you when you least expect it.
i would be rock girraffe cause a am so skilled at martail arts and im from china ect
Thermal is a bad stamina wheel... Earth and Burn are better.
(May. 01, 2011  10:13 AM)GaleForce Wrote: Thermal is a bad stamina wheel... Earth and Burn are better.
Burn and Earth lost when I put a simple destabilizer in the stadium.
IMO, Thermal is better as it manages to consistently defeat Flame Bull 100SF.
(Apr. 30, 2011  5:05 PM)EarthWolfblade Wrote: I think I would describe myself as Poison Serpent because i'm evil >Smile
Poison Serpent is not evil, this is real life, not the anime. And you're probably not evil.

(May. 01, 2011  9:13 AM)BigBangDestroy Wrote: i would be rock girraffe cause a am so skilled at martail arts and im from china ect