Ice-Leopard draws

Well, after -probably more- then 10 years, I drew something Beyblade related. More a silly Crossover idea I had.

[Image: a59c210883f71163a26a7d9e9dde5c521c55199e.pnj][Image: 1e85dc5a2c2c8c10a86f9f2fc9d80482f51b59e8.pnj]
Should I do other characters too?!
New art!
But I only add links now, as I realised even with me trying to size down the drawings, it doesn't look good on mobile devices.
New art!

New art..well, more a work in progress.

(Mar. 16, 2023  9:49 PM)Ice-Leopard Wrote: New art!

(Apr. 07, 2023  5:04 PM)DragonBeyblade! Wrote:
(Mar. 16, 2023  9:49 PM)Ice-Leopard Wrote: New art!

Thank you! Joyful_3 

Got some new art, just my -old- MFB fancharacters. Loved drawing them again though, after such a long time!

A while ago, I was in the mood to create a Burst fancharacter... because why not?!

The name is still in progress.
ArtTrade over on twitter -->

This one is a redraw of a quite old drawing from..2012. I think to remember it was a request I never finished (ops).

New drawings!

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