I want to know about the History of https://beybladevcrv.com !

The information I know

End of 2016: Website released, but only pictures and parts.

April 2017: unveiled

2018: 6 extra pages fully assembled to Home page!

April 2019: changed to a new domain (which that domain is what I know)

March 2020: Closed

I am trying not to spam. I just want answers.
I think that's it, but idk for sure since I heard about it in late 2018
This is a better question for the maintainers of that site.
DeceasedCrab thank u man. I know that I went on web archive and saw that the earliest thing for the Beyblade Voca Project was on April 15, 2019. 😊

I just want to know what the link used to be from the beginning to April 2019. 🤨
The site posted its entire history for nostalgic reason shortly before it closed. I didn’t save it. Of course can’t find it any more now.

Just curious why are you so keen to find out its history?