I have the unlock unicorn.D.N but have a few questions ( sorry if there was a thread)

I wanna know how good it is compared to forneus f4
1: this goes in the "Beyblade Hobby Q&A" section
2: Is this a Hasbro Unicorn or TT Unicorn?
3: Is this forneus f4 stock?
4: Even then, its not about if parts are "good", its about what works in a specific situation iirc.
5: is this in a takara tomy B-09 official stadium? or in a hasbro stadium?
6: are you using a TT launcher? this helps to know IF we were to test this.
7: even IF you had a tt unicorn, a B-09, and a tt launcher, unlock unicorn, along with basically every other pre-god bey is SEVERELY outclassed in standard.
8: if you use it in limited, you are STILL outclassed.
9: use it in classic, you are STILL outclassed. Down needle is NOT a good combo, not for any WBO events, at least.
10: idk forneus would probably win, yard-s is good
time to get someone to clean up/move this to the right place

i know, this makes me sound like a jacka$$ pessimist, but thats not what im trying to go for.