How to rip a bey a bey when to heavy

How do you rip a too heavy bey when its to heavy for the ripcord launcher cause idont know how i think i need to use a strong string launcher someone pls tell me
This doesn't need a thread.Everyone already knows how to launch a heavy or light bey with any launcher
lies lies im talkin bout when your useing a hasbro light launcher and it grinds
on the ripcord
Light Launchers don't take to launching heavier Beys too well. Your only solution is to buy a Beylauncher, or String Launcher as Hasbro likes to call it, as those launchers are much stronger.

In the future, though, you should as all of your Beyblade hobby related questions, such as this, in the "Ask a Question, Get an Answer! #2" topic in the Beyblade General forum. Making new threads for simple questions isn't allowed. Smile