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Country: Registration Date: Sep. 14, 2012 Birthday: Mar. 03, 1997 (27 years old)

Im A HUGE Fan of beyblade its just really awesome and ita a really good hobby to do when you bored im obsessed with this Beyblade stuff Its pretty funny that beyblades in japan are so Much different than the ones in north america I just wish we had japenese beyblades and thats all i have to say BeybladeMM Out! Stamina Combos: Basalt Kerbecs B:D Thermal Cancer 100Bs Destabalizer Defense Combos: Phantom Cygnus AD145Ewd Death Horogium BD145Rsf Attack combos: Vari Ares S130r2f Tornado Pegasis 105GF My Launcher And Stadium Setup: BB-62 Blue Balance Stadium Launcher used For Testing And Battles L3R Beyblade launcher From Japenese Vari Ares D:D. Were I Buy My Beyblades: Walmart Amazon Ebay Target Toys r us

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