How to make a Tournament happen? - The Guide

Anyone of any age can join a WBO tournament if they can launch a beyblade. But WBO is all volunteer run, and the tournaments don't come to you, you go to them. You need at least one person 13 years of age with sufficient knowledge about WBO tournaments (reading the rules, I mean Really Reading and Understanding the rules, and passing the organizer's quiz and interview) to organize a WBO tournament. They will need a decent level of organizational skill. And you'll need at least interest from 3 other bladers before the organizer can set up a WBO tournament in Vietnam.

Use the "Rest of the World" WBO Communities subforum to try and find other bladers in Vietnam to organize for you, or maybe just rely on local WBBA tournaments if those exist in Vietnam (they might not).

EDIT: The advice given at the start of this thread is so many years out of date that this thread should be locked.